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  1. thanks for the help. i usually drink friday or saturday every weekend. is it okay if i drink one day a week and have 3-4 beers. and if so should i take my pill after or before i drink?
  2. i have been drinking for a couple of hours. i have had 6 beers. i will home in 3.5 hours. im gonna stop drinking now. but should i take my pill in three.5 hours with some fatty foods? please respond its important and no1 responds to my posts.
  3. I just took my 5th pill this morning. Im on 40mg a day. My face has gotten so much worse. Is it possible to have an IB after 4 days?
  4. I am on my 4th day with the tane. I am taking 40mg once a day. I got chapstick and cetaphil moisturizer. is there anything else i need? can i continue to use neutrogena on the spot? and can i use laura mercier makeup on my face to cover up some acne? (i have mild to moderate on my face but i have much worse acne on my back so i got the tane for my back) thanks.