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  1. hey dude u cool? lol

  2. No... Actually, I try to laugh about myself! People make less of a deal when you genuinely look like you accept it.
  3. Well, I hardly have any bust at all! XD So I don't think I would be "hot". Big boobs aren't in my genetics... I'm not sad though.
  4. I ordered Hyaluoric Acid cream (or something like that) from JUJU cosmetics a while ago. It only has three ingredients! ^.^
  5. I've tried the UT on two different occasions. My poor heart needs a break from seeing dozen of red things... I almost clear right now, I can't ruin that...
  6. I live in Montreal. o.o I'm new to this school and only a small number actually do social networking. Most of them prefer MSN chatting instead. near: No problem~ I'll give you a shout if I sign up. ^.^ P.S. I know this isn't a popularity contest. I don't want to have like 1000 friends, or even 100. I know social networking is about keeping in touch with people, and having a lot of friends just shows how LONG you've been on the site and meeting new people. I wouldn't be able to keep in touch
  7. do you really want to be like everyone else? I just want to be liked. :redface: I don't want to feel scared of talking too much, in the fear that people will get tired with me. I want to feel like I can be open about myself, and I want to talk and talk and talk... I want to stop being so shy. _._
  8. Hi~ I'm considering getting a Facebook account but I'm a little nervous. When I sighed up to Myspace about 2 years ago none of my school friends went (I mean absolutely no one, even to this day) and the whole thing ended up being a complete waste of time. What's the point of going to a social site-thing if you don't have people to talk with? So I deleted my account, because I was too shy to get to know people outside my school. At my new school, it's a little better, I think about 7 of my frie
  9. This is going to sound random. But I wonder why a lot of people's acne is better in the Summer time... I'm kind of glad, it's getting warmer out.
  10. I'd like to go... If I had a date. D: Even my friends who don't have real dates at least are going with someone "as friends". But it seems like they all knew who they were going with since last year! Plus, I suck at dancing.
  11. Wow, that makes me feel so much better. :doubt:
  12. Oooh, that's a really big step. Babie steps, babie steps... I'm a person that jokes around all the time, but I feel that I also have a strange sense of humor. I often make stupid jokes that get a laugh out of several people, but they can also make me look dumb. I act dumb, but some people take it too seriously. There's one friend I can ALWAYS make laugh, and I never have to do much. One time I just said: "Man, I suck!" and he started laughing. When I asked why, he said that he liked how blunt