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    cleans well big bottle that lasts long great lather I read a lot of reviews stating that this overdries skin. I think the key really is with this is to adjust how much you use based on your skin type - if oily use more, if dry use less. I have combo skin and i use half a pump or a little less depending on the day, lather really well in hands and rub gently for 10-15 seconds, and my skin is never dry. I recommend this cleanser to all skin types.
  2. Hey, I actually have been trying this out for 2 weeks. I have noticed a DEFINITE decrease in my marks. They're not BRIGHT red. They're getting pinker aka FADING! YAY. I would say its about 15% diminshed, and honestly that is saying alot, because i haven't seen that much improvement in even a month of not doing anything about my marks. I'm going to continue to do this until my marks VANISH. Oh and guys for the eggwhite mask, get those eggwhites that they cell in the cartons in the supermarket. T
  3. Hey, I'm using 1:1 water and vineagar every morning, but i wash it off after 10 minutes. Thats okay right?
  4. "It looks like a volcano erupted on your forehead!" "What the hell happened to your face?" Those comments were from a close friend and the other from my sister! ONE DAY................................i will have better skin than both of them and then they won't know what hit them!
  5. OMG I totally know what you mean. I have weeks of beautiful clear skin, then suddenly just break out when its all going well. Its extremely annoying. Your boyfriend is not going to like you any less with a few pimples. Just dab on a bit of concealor and you'll be gorgeous. Have a fun time .
  6. So after totally flipping out from acne and scarring for months, i totally forgot about the other things I hate about my skin- these broken capillaries around my nose! Its in the creases where the nose attaches to the face. Do any of you have this problem? I heard it was due to pressure of the veins in your face that put pressure on the capillaries and cause them to rupture. Do any of you know any products that I could use to get rid of this? I don't want to go to lazer, its way too expensive. A
  7. Hey. I also had acne problems on my cheek. I'll tell you what I did. I'm a girl but I'm sure this will work for you too. Morning: wash with a gentle cleanser (you can use your cleanser but i wouldn't suggest leaving it on, rub GENTLY! Wash immediately after) Apply moisturizer (Nivea has a good moisturizer for men, with SPF 15- find at any drug store - my bf uses this) if you are shaving in the morning try to shave in the shower when your hairs are softened by the steam and change blade every 3
  8. Hey. I know blackheads can be frustrating. I know its hard not to sqeeze but try to resist the temptation- that will just lead to MARKS. If you're washing your face too much (scrubbing too hard or using too harsh soaps), you can cause your skin to produce more oils than it normally would and you could just end up making your blackheads worse. I always thought the cure to my blackheads would be keeping them really dry but actually that never worked for me, it made it worse which was so frustratin
  9. If you don't have any inflamed acne, I would use a gentle exfoliator scrub twice a day and moisturize after. Also maybe you're applying something on your lips that are clogging the pores around your mouth. Try changing your lip wear.
  10. A blackhead has a black center and is slightly raised. An open pore is more like a crater- its digging into your skin rather than poking out, and it has a darker center but its not black. Hope i haven't confused you!
  11. Hey Delna. I'm all about using at home products. I'm really excited to try this thanks! Just one question. Could I substitute the vineagar for lemon juice? Its also an acid so wouldn't it do the same?
  12. If any of you are afraid of "cancer". Like it was mentioned before - the amount that we are supposed to be using on the regimen is 2.5% BP. That is probably the lowest concentration of BP containing cream we will ever get! I suggest if any of you are afraid of this so called cancer causing substance, try using it once a day (at night) instead of 2 times. It will lessen the drying and allow your skin to "breathe" during the day. Use a higher spf oil free cream during the day (such as Neutrogena h
  13. Hey did you have inflammatory acne? I have the exact same problem area as you, just wondering if we could compare!