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goes on very smooth over BP good for stay at home days when spf is not required light texture mild-no smell moisturizing a slight oily feel after an hour or so but I am used to it and dont mind it don't recommend this for oily skin Great to use over BP. I really love how it goes on so smooth and your skin feels hydrated. I have been on the regimen for 2 years and just bought the cream, which is why I'm guessing it didn't cause any redness for me because my skin is alread

By mdderm,

cleans well big bottle that lasts long great lather I read a lot of reviews stating that this overdries skin. I think the key really is with this is to adjust how much you use based on your skin type - if oily use more, if dry use less. I have combo skin and i use half a pump or a little less depending on the day, lather really well in hands and rub gently for 10-15 seconds, and my skin is never dry. I recommend this cleanser to all skin types.

By mdderm,