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  1. It usually takes almost up to a week for these to go away... I'm fairly confident in saying that if there has been no inflammation (i.e. an actual pimple) that you should be good to go pretty soon.
  2. It looks like closed comedonal acne. Do a google search if you want to read more professional information, but basically they are tiny plugs of oil in your skin. I don't mean to make you feel worse than you already do but naturally those are the predecessors of inflammation (i.e. actual pimples). As for treatment, you need a stronger exfoliant than an OTC and that's why you'll probably have to see a dermatologist again. Something like differin, tazorac or retin-a are usually what they would
  3. I've got the same thing but I don't know what to do about them... sorry.
  4. Happened to me, still isn't gone but it's only been about 3 months. Has this happened to anyone else?
  5. When you say scars you do know I'm referring to indented scars and not like pigmented marks left over from inflammation right? If so, then that's great and I'm excited haha.
  6. I haven't had any scarring until I recently started to get the occasional cyst on my cheek. The scarring is relatively shallow but it still bothers me a lot. What are suggestions for shallow scars? Any OTC actually help? Do shallow scars improve over time at all if left untreated?
  7. Give it a little more time before you jump to conclusion. I had this same kinda thing happen to me. I'm not sure how long I ended up having the marks but I can tell you they were pretty much gone after a week. I think it depends on skin tone a lot, so give it a little more time.
  8. That's exactly my feeling spot on. Normally when I get a red mark I feel hope, I say to myself maybe in in 2-3 months this will be gone. But once you have had a mark for 6 or so months that hope fades and you think maybe this wont fade, how will I live the rest of my life, then you get that "sunken depressed hopeless lost" feeling. Its so horrible, it hits pretty hard too. On occasion if you see even the slightest fading my confidence shoots up, I start immediately planning my life
  9. What was your experience with Vbeam, did you get it for red marks?