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  1. Yeah I definitely feel your pain! I had moderate acne from age 13 on...til I figured out the root problem was PCOS about 2 years ago. So you're suggesting not doing the metformin alone? Yeah you might be right...it might take the extra boost of the bcp to keep my face clear. I might give the metformin a few months to kick in then go off of the yasmin and just see what happens. What dosage of metformin are you on, if you don't mind me asking? I'm working up to 1,500mg a day.
  2. Hi Everyone, I looked for specific threads about metformin and couldn't find many... are there any other women with PCOS using metformin alone for acne? I was on spiro for 2 years and it kept my face 100% clear, but it unfortunately gave me a stomach ulcer over time...so I can no longer take it. My endo suggested I try metformin. I'm wondering if metformin alone works for treating acne? Or does it have to be used with Yasmin or some other hormonal treatment for it to work? Has anyone had succ
  3. My breasts were definitely tender..can't remember if it was around my cycle though. It was a noticeable change from my normal self when I wasn't on the spiro. I think it's normal..but if it's severe, unbearable pain, I'd definitely go to the doctor!
  4. I was on Spironolactone for 2 years, til it gave me a stomach ulcer..so I had to go off of it. It worked VERY well for me in combination with Yasmin for PCOS. Now my endo prescribed Metformin...I too am skeptical about it. I'm not sure if I'm going to fill the prescription or not..but if I don't, my face is sure to flare up again. I wanted to bring this topic back up to discussion--has anyone had success with metformin for pcos related acne? My endo said that it MIGHT work for the acne, but it's
  5. I completely agree....they started me off at only 50mg twice daily..which I think was mild enough/okay. But then I requested to be dropped down to 25mg twice daily, and it STILL worked!! ALWAYS, always, always try to be on the lowest dosage possible that still works for you. A side note--has anyone been on spiro for 2+ years? I have...and only over this long period of time did I develop side effects. It caused a stomach ulcer in me due to the spiro damaging my stomach lining over time.......
  6. Hormonal causes for acne won't always show up on bloodwork. While one's testosterone level may be in the "normal" range, they may have a higher sensitivity to testosterone. PCOS can usually be diagnosed by ultrasound of ovaries. My endocrinologist, who prescribed me spironolactone and also diagnosed me with PCOS, said that PCOS can not be diagnosed just by an ultrasound -- she said that PCOS is a strange condition, and probably shouldn't even be CALLED polycyctic ovarian syndrome due to t
  7. Thank you for the kind words--I hope I figure out what to do soon too! How long has your daughter been on spiro? what's her dosage, just out of curiousity? I can tell you how I was diagnosed with the ulcer--I just had symptoms like heartburn that wouldn't go away, mild stomach pain, lots of burping and it would hurt when I burped, feeling like there was a "lump" of food trying to come up, and also feeling a hunger pang constantly. I went to the doctor, and she knew I had an ulcer just by my
  8. I was on 50mg twice per day for about a year and a half, then knocked it back to 25mg twice per day about 6 months ago just to see if it would still work at that dosage, which it did for me. I went to the doctor and she prescribed me Prilosec, which I am taking now and already feeling better (sigh of relief! the ulcer was not comfortable). I would just stay on the Prilosec...but I'm hesitant to add more prescriptions into my life...I'm already on 2 for acne (Yasmin & spiro). The Prilos
  9. I have been on Spironolactone for 2 years now, it has had wonderful results for my skin. I've suffered from moderate cystic acne for 13 years now, into my adult life. I've been through 4 antibiotics, countless topical treatments...spironolactone has been the only thing that has worked for me...until now. Don't want to be a downer, and maybe this wouldn't be the case for everyone...but in the past week I went to the doctor due to stomach pains, and it turns out that I have a stomach ulcer that s
  10. sorry, I probably can't help you because I am on Yasmin and Spiro as well. I hope its a magic cocktail that clears my skin up for good!! The pill is probably good to be on while on Spiro because it can screw up your cycle...the pill will help regulate that.
  11. Hi everyone, I just started Spironolactone 50mg twice daily a couple of days ago. I hope that i get some great results like some of you have! I'm just curious, is there anyone taking spiro that is in their 20's? I'm 20 and I've noticed that a lot of the people posting here are in their thirties, and i was just wondering if it is normally prescribed only for ADULT adults (i say that because i don't really feel fully like an adult yet, haha). I'd be interested to hear what it has done for someone
  12. i've been on spiro for 2 days now (i know thats not a long time, but i would know if i was going to have adverse reactions by now). My blood pressure seems to not be affected by it (50mg twice daily)--i'm having no dizziness or blacking out or anything like that. Such a low dosage is probably the reason for that. I hope it works for my acne!! I'm on yasmin and Spiro now, and i've tried everything i could for my acne except accutane, and i still don't know if i'll ever get the courage up to try a