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  1. i went on accutane 60mg for 31 weeks, and i got pisseed bout every fortnight---being bout 10 beers and bout 5 shots,,,,,,,,,,,,,it didnt do that much harm, will internally im prob fucked but who cares....its whatt u gotta do to live it up in OZ
  2. mischief, i had clear skin up till 6 months ago...then all hell broke loose and i have many red marks and acne on my face, and it is just settling now on my 6th week on roaccutane...i was on mino for 2 months before goin on it-that stuff is the shittest crap ever. anyway,it was gettin a bit cystic but now they are onlky under my jaw there is a really good derm at randwick, called Dr Morrow...my familly has been goin there for bout 10 yrs. she is prob the best in the eastern suburbs...i had to w
  3. well mischeif and parker, i am on my 6th week of accutane, and am a sydney aussi...and i think it is acutually prescribed def not lower than normal....atleast 10 people in my year have been on it at school (outta 140), and both my bro's have been on it...not for cystic, but bad inflammed nodular acne.
  4. hey everyone...i have been on accutane now for nearly 5 weeks, and things are settling (few pimples,3 cysts, many many many red marks)...but in 3 weeks i was considering going down to the snow for a week? now if ur skin gets really dry (which it is- my forearms,hands,nose,chin) then will the cold cold wether make this really really wirse. i mean my lips are dry (not cracked) but i can imagine them getting really killed in the snow..... does anyone live/or have gone to the snow when on accutane
  5. acne has fucked me up if i didnt get this fucked outbreak past 3 months and now im on 4th week of accutane...i would have- gotten a job, wracked in the cash gone to all my uni classes, not just compulsory tutorials (17hrs instead of comp 6hrs per week) socialise, go out to pub as much as i did few months ago when i was clear see my girlfriend way more,im too scared,unconfident,low self esteem be way more happy, not be down and give people a general 'fuck off' attitude when i talk to them,
  6. i had the same problems with it, im on accutane as well....so i switched to ego rich skin crea,m....no sting at all- million times better............altho no spf, i only need to apply it once a day (compared to many times with neurtotgena)...u should def give this stuff a go, it rocks hard man there is a ego skin cream with spf but i dont think they have it in australia
  7. WEEK 2: My skin is improving greatly acutally. i hevent had a breakout, hopefully i wont get one...my skin is bout 30% better than 2 weeks ago. i got a GREAT NEW MOISTUREISER- everyone on afccutane should try it- i used neutrogena spf 15 fr sensitive skin, but it made my face purple and flaky...this one doesnt do that- i only have to apply it once or twice a day (compared to bout 6 on neutrogena)...its called EGO SKIN CREAM- "rich mositurising cream for dry,sensitive, or normal skin' its great,
  8. momotaro, did u get the exzema out of the blue directly from using accutane...or did u have it prior to taking it/ or history of it in ur familly..........is this a known and common side effect i should look out for/be scared about???(i started accutane 2 weeks ago)
  9. how come it was 150 aud???if u r aussi doesnt govt pay for it..i just started and i got 60 X 20mg tablets for $AUD15..pretty good huh!!!medicare seems to sudsidise alot of it....so it is really not that expensive at al!!!
  10. how was ur experience on accutane pablohoney...did it clear u up?were u happy....i just started on it a week ago
  11. WEEK 1: First week has gone pretty quickly, altho i seem to be looking at my face every 3 secs. i have noticed already that my skin is peeling around my nose, chin and on my nose ....so i aam applying neutrogena moisturiser spf 15 on it like every hour before it peels again.....despite this, i dont really have dry lips yet...but i am still applying lip balm just to be safe dont really think the breakout has come yet, just normal quantity/size of zits coming up i am on 40/day this week and i th
  12. hey tom.....how was ur experience on accutane...i just started this week.did it fully clear u up, and were u happy with the results?do u still have red marks left over-alot of people on these boards seem to be complaining about that
  13. my red marks on my left cheek went away after 2 months of leaving them alone...let nature do its job and rebuild itself!!!
  14. just makes u drunk hell quickly, and heaps drhydrated...no real effect on the skin from what i have been told by friends
  15. Well i never thought i would be doing this-on accutane!!!both my brothers have been on it, with good results, but i have always had perfect skin..all up till bout 3 months ago when everything just exploded. it was only in feb that i got asked to model for this bloke one day when i was surfing a bondi beach. Now, im 18 and on the tane!!!the acne- which is not really cystic, its just heaos of little pussy pimples on my cheeks, jawline and few on forhead..with heaps of red marks...i have been getti