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  1. Now my chest acne has begun to spread from the central area to the sides. I'm getting paranoid, like I touch my active acne and touch somewhere else and I'll have acne there the next week.
  2. Hi, I've been on Isotretinoin for 6 months now and Erythromycin(Antibiotic) for 2-3 months now and my face acne is nearly gone and no whining there really - But I also have severe body acne on my chest(localised in the space on the chest between the breasts) and on my back(Everywhere) and those simply aren't going away, they keep coming and coming, even my dermatologist doesn't know what's going on. I lean against a chair most of the day, I think I might have read that might cause acne - but n
  3. Benzoyl Peroxid, det er et produkt som generere Oxygen(Ilt) og P. Acne(Bakterien som forsager acne) kan ikke overleve i et oxideret miljø(Ligesom de fleste andre bakterier)
  4. I started Accutane now, My dermatologist didn't think this regime was helping at all and it's no use against my body acne, so he told me I should go on Accutane instead to get rid of the body acne and the face acne, then afterwards if the acne on my face I could continue with the regime, but he'd rather not see me on any kind of face treatment(Besides cleansing and moisturising). But I was on it for roughly 1½ month and I only got worse, my skin dried up horribly after the 3rd week and moisturis
  5. Tane will do far more for your skin long-term than the Pill. If you don't need to be on it, there's no reason to keep taking it. Doctors require women to take birth control pills while on Accutane and at least 3 months(Could be 6, not entirely sure) after you stopped to get all the Accutane out of the system. Because if you don't and you get pregnant while on Accutane the baby will have serious risk for deformation, retardation and all kinds of shit - Just keep taking it for a while.
  6. You experienced an extremely rare side effect that occurs in less than 1 out of 100.000(Chance is probably lower) people on Accutane and thus everybody should stop taking it? Really, you had a extremely bad experience with Accutane, that however does not mean we should reconsider taking it, because it is the best thing versus acne out there and a lot of people are willing to sacrifice things to get their lives back - Acne is for people with severe acne that leaves scars, not for ordinary acne th
  7. Is using Dan's Moisturiser okay for a person on Accutane? I noticed it had Stearic Acid in it and the first post says to avoid that, so not sure what to think.
  8. I have severe acne and I have been on the Regime for 6 weeks now, I finally raised the white flag and started taking Accutane - While I know it has some side effects, it will still clear all my acne instead of just my face and won't fuck up my skin as much.
  9. I'm done, I'm gonna talk to my dermatologist and have him prescribe Accutane and ween myself out of serious usage of BP(Just gonna do it on individual spots). I didn't like being on Accutane, it dried out my eyes and my lips, but it worked and in comparison to this Regimen the side effects were nothing.
  10. Dan's moisturizer. I found a shop that sells Jojoba Oil and ships it internationally, I ordered a bottle and it should be here in a week.
  11. I've been on the Regimen for approx. 5 weeks now and it's getting a lot worse now than when I started it, I wake up every day and my skin's sebum is non-existent, it feels incredibly dry, crusty and flaky. When I look at myself in the mirror it's miscolored several places and there's a lot of purples spots that's sore. - This only started happening 3 weeks ago so I went through the first 2 weeks of the Regimen without major problems. It's winter here now and I've been reading that this could ma
  12. Giver da mening og virker som en god erstatning for Jojoba olie(Som jeg ikke aner hvordan jeg skal få fat i, ingen online stores sender det internationalt, og kunne næsten kun finde forretninger fra USA eller England der sælger det) - Prøver det.