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  1. Can you see any pores on the scars? Are they red and raised like an extra growth? -
  2. I got this discoloured brownish raised bump on my skin, it doesnt look quite like a pimple yet, and i dont think its a scar either cuz I dont remember having any pimple or injury. It isnt itchy nor is it painful
  3. did you ever use accutane?
  4. Zafirah

    Purple bruising -- Help Please !!!!

    I have the same issue with nearly all my cysts on my face right now. The bumps dont seem to go as wellI have the same issue with a couple of my cysts as well. The bumps dont seem to go and remain as hard lumps underneath the skin. They appear flat but deep down there is a lump. Have yours gone down?
  5. Zafirah

    White spots on skin

    I did visit my dermo but he wouldn’t give a proper answer. They appear to be white spots surrounded by a dark one and it seems flat to the touch, but theres a hard lump underneath if you press it. Could it be internal scar tissue?
  6. Zafirah

    White spots on skin

    They dont seem to be hypertrophic cuz i heard hypertrophic scars are raised. The skin is smooth, poreless and white and it really freaks me out cuz i dont think these will fade with time
  7. I got these like white spots on the skin where I had a breakout before..that area of the skin is really dry and peeling as well. Does anyone know what this could be? Could the pigment in the skin come back?
  8. Can someone tell me what these raised bumps are that I got after popping a pimple? Its smooth, just a little raised and pink
  9. I just started accutane a while ago, about 15 days, and Ive started noticing these raised bumps where I used to have pimples, are these hypertrophic scars?!