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  1. When wearing EM foundation, do you find it gets darker towards the end of the day? I'm curious if it happens to everyone or just a few. I've read a review on MUA that it got darker for her. I 've been indecisive on which color suits me best 'cause they sometimes look the same on my skin. So if this is very common, then I'll also keep this in consideration when choosing the right color match for my skin tone. Thanks.
  2. I was thinking of giving up on the foundation, but I want to give it another go. I've went through a few samples and I think the buttered tan is the closest to my skin tone. It's just slightly lighter. Can someone please suggest what color I can use to darken it just a little? I wanted to try medium tan, but read that it's kinda orange. Oh, and I'm going to try original glo. My skin has been pretty dry this winter
  3. Thanks for all the help. I'm using baby shampoo and so far so good.
  4. I was thinking the same thing. I hope the new angled blush brush comes out soon. It happened to me also. I hope they didn't charge my card that extra.
  5. Does anyone know how dark and translucent the Natural Reflections Golden Tan is? On the site it looks slightly darker than the summer silk dust and I've read on MUA that the summer silk was much more darker than shown on the site. Or if anyone has any pics of the golden tan, please PM me. I would really really appreciate. I want to exchange one of my foundations for the powder.
  6. I suggest the Long Handled Kabuki also if you want some good coverage. It is very very soft. And the flat top if you want extra coverage.
  7. Thank you so much for the help everyone! I'm going to try to buy some baby shampoo today. Has anyone found that using baby shampoo is drying the brush bristles?
  8. For anyone who uses makeup brushes, what kind of brush cleanser do you use? I've been hesitant on buying one in fear that it might irritate my skin. I wanted to try the Clinique brush cleanser since it's pretty large (8 oz.) for 12.50, but I'm still not sure. Any help or suggestions will be greatly appreciated.
  9. I was about to order the summer balancing powder, but it's no longer on the site. Does anyone know how pigmented the Natural Reflections Golden Tan Finishing Powder is? I might get this as an alternative instead.
  10. Thanks so much. I'll try out the summer for my kit. :D
  11. I'm a first time user with mineral makeup and I love it! I'm currently using my sample kit, but planning on buying a full kit before the special is over. Has anyone tried the balancing powder? I really want to add it to my kit since I have an uneven complexion, but I'm not sure between tinted and summer. I'm afraid of looking muddy or a ghost. For reference, I use Buttered Tan foundation. Any help will greatly be appreciated. Oh, I'm also gonna try the new kabuki brush. I hope it's as so