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  1. This poster is a spammer and a scammer.

  2. Another great place to buy TCA peels: http://www.mytcapeel.com TCA CROSS 100% http://www.ezpeel.net
  3. Well mytcapeel.com have a new peptide serum with hyaluronic acid serum in it too, odorless, clear, and won't clog up your pores. It is so light!
  4. I also love juicing! For me it really make a difference on my skin! I drink every morning after i wake up, a juice that i make myself with my juicer: Celery Ginger Carrots pure virgin olive oil Maco
  5. Great website for scars treatment with TCA cross method. http://www.mytcapeel.com I try it it was ok but I really loved the TCA cross method a TCA acid 100% that i aply with a toothpick on my scars for 4 minutes then I follow with the Hyaluronic acid serm to make the healing process faster and for to incite the collagen to rebuild faster. I buy it from MYTCAPEEL.COM
  6. Does anyone has try needling on the scars follow immediately by a TCA cross method? I was wondering it it will work faster to remove the scar. If yes also which neddling machine do you use and where do you get it> Thank you! Maco
  7. Yes I use Hyaluronic acid serum on my skin every night and after TCA cross treatment, I love the results it plump up my skin, help heal faster and incite the collagen to rebuild. I get it from mytcapeel website. MACO
  8. I just found this new peptide serum does any body tried it as yet the website is mytcapeel maco
  9. I use a toothpick also with 100% tca cross for my pitted scars, i tried two product and really like the one from the website MYTCAPEEL. I also apply only Hyaluronic serum after the treatment and every night to incite the collagen to rebuilt faster, it is clear and non greasy and oderless, i get it from mytcapeel also. Maco
  10. I just try and like it but it make my skin all irritated for a few days, I bought the needling machine from MYTCAPEEL.COM I prefer the TCA cross method, after one application I saw 40% results on my scars. I buy it from EZPEEL.NET there are also great in answering emails and questions. They have a new peptide serum does anybody has try it yet? Maco
  11. I went to EZPEEL.NET and I saw that they offer free online consultation for TCA cross method on scars, they have been so helpful and i ordered the product about 60 days ago now, I had bad pitted scars from chicken pox. After one treatment the scars is already 40% better, i just did another treatment and I am waiting to see the results, but for now I am really happy with the results. Maco