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  1. Welcome to the message boards. First, you don't need to apologize for needing to vent. That's what this place is for. Keeping it bottled in won't do you any good. While I don't have any brilliant pieces of advice or anything, I can offer my sympathy and understanding. I share a lot of the same thoughts and feelings you are experiencing. I cry myself to sleep at night (and cry a lot of the day away also), avoid going out in public as much as possible (even call in to sick at work when I can't de
  2. You definitely need to talk to the doctor. They may switch you to one of the other options or change your dosage. I was getting really sick after a week on minocycline. My doctor lowered the dosage and I've been fine, although the drug isn't helping me yet! I took doxy before the mino and it worked great for over a year. I took it with food because it upset my stomach otherwise. I just opted for food choices that didn't have a lot of nutrients in them that could hinder absorption. LIke a few p
  3. I've on my 3rd week and so far my face is worse. I'm hoping things turn around here very soon. However, my derm said it can take 6-8 weeks to work. But I'm skeptical. When I was on doxy, it only took a couple of weeks to clear up my face and it did NOT get worse before it got better. If mine was still worse at 7, I'd be back in the derm's office trying to get something else though. I don't think I can take much more of this getting worse myself. I've already got an appt for Dec 5 to see my derm
  4. I'd rather have clear skin. THere is no price on clear skin for me. I'd give up all the money in the world. Heck, I'd give up the other area's of my health for clear skin.
  5. At work I've had people say things like: "What's that on your face" and point. My personal favorite was when this lady with perfect skin said in front of a group of my friends and coworkers "people wouldn't have acne if they took care of their skin properly" and looked right at me. My whole face probably turned as bright red as my cyst on my chin and I felt 2 inches tall. I also hate the staring. People's eyes go right to your problem areas instead of looking you in the eye. And getting sto
  6. I'll see your 10 years and raise you 10! I know exactly how you feel.
  7. Sorry you aren't covered for it, but I'd still ask to see how much it is without insurance. Then you can decide if you are able to do it. Good luck.
  8. I don't know what yellow dock is, but I'd probably ask your derm if it's okay before you start using it. Sorry to hear you aren't getting relief from mino. I'm in my 3rd week and not getting relief yet either. Fingers crossed, it will start working!
  9. I think it takes more than just oil to produce acne. The pore has to get clogged. So, the difference may be that the other areas of your skin don't clog as easily, despite the oil. I have the same issue. My face is oily all over, but most of my acne and cysts are on my chin.
  10. A few months ago...before my cystic acne came back. I felt great! Since then, I feel very unattractive.
  11. I don't actually have any advice for you. Just wanted to say that I hope it starts working for you. It's probably time to follow up with your derm/doctor and see what they think. Good luck.
  12. I just had my first 2 yesterday. I read online it can take 3-5 days to "dissolve" the cysts, but it looks like most people on this thread say in about a day. So far, I'm not seeing any difference in mine. I hope it starts working soon! I'd definitely give it a try. It didn't hurt, just felt like a little pinch. They use a very fine needle so there is less pain.
  13. I don't know about growing out of acne. I seem to have grown into it since my problem started in my mid 20's. I'm hoping I grow out of it very soon!
  14. I haven't exactly gotten that one although my parents don't really understand acne or what I'm going through. My mom has always had beautiful skin. My dad has oily skin and some scars, but I don't think he's had acne since his teens. I never talk about it with my dad, but I do some with my mom now. Since I never had it in my teens, I don't think I can use him as an indicator on getting rid of it! Anyway, my mom knows how self conscious I am, so they no longer make comments to me about my acne...