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  1. Hey dude cheers man, also just a quick question, do you take the 50mg zinc at the same time or do you take 25 in the a.m and 25 in the p.m and the copper with one of the doses? cheers if you could let me know.
  2. anbody know the zinc copper ratio on short notice, is it 50:2 ? so 50mg zinc to 2mg of copper, or what? plz let me know asap if u can
  3. I took it just after a big meal, shouldnt that have been ok? or do you have to take the supplement during the meal? plz let me know asap
  4. took 25mg zinc at about half 8 and now iv got a realy bad headache and dont really feel too good at all, kinda feel as if i wanto be sick, please help anybody idea whats happened plz help
  5. Hi, going to start taking 50mg zinc tomorrow with copper, if anyone could tell me whether you take 50mg at once, or say 25mg in the morning and 25mg at night. If anyone could let me know on short notice, that would be great, cheers
  6. If i were you, if your acne is bad enough like mine was then this or pantothenic acid are your best options, in the UK tane is free so i went with tane however pantothenic acid is just as effective however you have to keep on taking it and with tane you can be clear for months after treatment, i used to have moderate/severe acne now im clear and its been a month, im just dreading it coming back, its a risk but its your call init, it does work incredibly well though.
  7. Hi im interested in taking some zinc after reading lots of reviews about it and whether it will help scarring and reduce acne coming back after accutane. Just wanted to know what types of it there are and how affective it is. Also im in the UK so if you know where you can purchase it in the UK, that would be great thanks. cheers
  8. Can you buy cetaphil in the UK, if so where from? cheers.
  9. I'm not on the regimen but i know that you use it till your clear, you dont just stop it.
  10. dude view the treatment reviews of isotretinion, you'll find all you need to know there, all il say is, im clear after it
  11. Really unsure whether this could be a cause of acne, but its quite interesting. I got this from a website on google. Low stomach acid can not only cause you digested discomfort but can also cause problems with your: • Hormone balance • Immune system • Muscle system • Skeletal system Hydrochloric acid is important in the absorption of certain minerals and vitamin B6. There are two forms of hydrochloric acid insufficiency, complete hydrochloric acid insufficiency is known as achlorhyd
  12. Very interesting topic, I'm into my 5th month now out of 5 and a half and i'd say i havent touched the stuff for 2 month. God knows how with the life i have, parties every week and lots of booze, but on a serious note i can cope without it and have done, i just love lager and its going to be hard to do uptill christmas when my course will have finished, but i think i can keep on track and do it, by the sounds of it, it doesnt have much effect, When ive had a few whilest on this, i wake up with r
  13. Basically just wondering if anyone else has got this stuff on the NHS. Im rory by the way, 17, in college, in england, got an ace outgoing life but acne has got in the way largely. My acne flared up in nodules and cysts on my cheeks during my GCSE exam period which was bad. So i had already been referred to a derm by then which was a positive sign. I got offered roaccutane and was told this is the cure, however there is no cure so basically shes getting my hopes up. However this has definately s
  14. I've tried very little topically, iv done courses of antibiotics and now am on roaccutane and this is doing great really, its took its time but il be off it for new year which is great because then i can have a drink and thats 1 of the biggest downsides to roaccutane, u cant drink for liver circumstances im told. anyway cheers for the info, so in a nutshell, you'd say BP is the worst out of the 3? cheers