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  1. Hey! I'm sorry to hear about your recent acne struggles. I've had acne since I can remember but recently I'm experiencing severe hormonal acne cysts. I talked to an esthetician that I've been seeing for years and she recommended DIM to me. I just started my 150Mg supplement a few days ago but for now I'm only taking one a day. From what she's experienced and what I've read, its good to start slow on this supplement because it kind of makes your body detox. I have seen reviews with people going u
  2. I haven't had my thyroid checked since over a year ago. I made an appointment with my pcp for mid July and I'll ask him to check that too.
  3. Thank you so much for such a detailed response! I don't have a dermatologist at the moment. I wasn't planning on getting one honestly but maybe I should to at least be sure I know what I'm dealing with. I called my PCP to get an appointment scheduled for blood work, I am hoping he'll be able to check my hormones somehow. I was moreso thinking that it is hormonal since its primarily on my chin and jawline but I'm not sure really.
  4. Hello! Long Post ALERTTTT So I have been taking Junel FE as my prescription birth control for over a year. The reason I initially started with this one was because it had good reviews as an acne treatment. I've struggled with acne since at least 6th grade so I figured that would be my best option. I haven't had any issues with BC at all. Actually I was pretty surprised at how clear my skin had gotten until maybe 2 months ago. Suddenly I started getting cystic acne which I've never had
  5. Do you have pictures @ava616? I talked to another girl who tried them and said they were a complete waste. She sent pictures everyday she took them and we didn’t see any change
  6. Has anyone experienced breakouts from kojic acid soap? I purchased through amazon and used daily for maybe 3 weeks. My face was clear for the most part only a few breakouts here and there. I heard the soap was good for dark spots and that’s why i chose it. But now i have very moderate/severe breakouts all along my jawline, chin, and forehead. It’s awful! I saw that the soap has coconut oil in it and I’m thinking that may be the cause. I was also using bio oil at the time too. So maybe it was a c
  7. I saw a post on Instagram the other day where someone claimed to have cleared theirebacne quickly from the inside out using a liqui antioxidant called Derma Drinkables. I tried searching for more reviews but i was only able to find reviews on the products website, and they are all positive. I am wondering if anyone else has used this before? I am sort of skeptical about trying because i think if it worked so well there would be more reviews and they wouldn’t just be on the company website. Also,