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  1. witsend30

    Scarred Pores on Nose Joining Together...at a loss

    The main one looks likes a long ice pick scar, although I do see a few enlarged pores around it. I am still a little skeptical because the results look almost too good to be true. Anyone else want to chime in?
  2. witsend30

    Scarred Pores on Nose Joining Together...at a loss

    Hey, thanks for posting this. This is actually exactly what I'm talking about, that there are no pictures or videos of the results. Have you been able to find any?
  3. witsend30

    Scarred Pores on Nose Joining Together...at a loss

    The OP posted about the CO2 laser, and I responded with an article about Dermabrasion to illustrate the possibility that ablating or removing the top layer of your skin may actually the condition worse by revealing the wider part of pores below. I also brought up that TCA Cross may be the best option, but that finding an expert is difficult, as it's difficult to find good before & afters online.
  4. witsend30

    Scarred Pores on Nose Joining Together...at a loss

    I dont think it is as easy as you say. The nose may be forgiving, but it is also very very porous, as in the pores are close to each other, making it difficult to perform TCA Cross on them as it runs risk of connecting multiple pores. I've done a comprehensive search on the internet, and the three TCA Cross experts who perform the procedure on nose pores (Dr. Lim, Dr. Emer, and Dr. Novick). Now Dr. Lim and Emer have both posted plenty on Facebook and Instagram of the procedure taking place, but neither have posted results from said procedures. (I'm speaking strictly of nose pore TCA procedures.) While Nelson does not post any pictures at all. It makes me skeptical.
  5. witsend30

    Scarred Pores on Nose Joining Together...at a loss

    Hello Please re-consider doing the CO2 laser. I have been doing a lot of research, and fully ablative lasers are not recommended for pores because pores are shaped like flasks, and lasers will exfoliate the top skin away and reveal the bigger bottom. Seems like TCA Cross is the way to go, but it's difficult to find professionals who will perform them on pores. Davin Lim is one, but I have not seen him post post-results strictly from TCA Cross on nose pores. See the pores are larger after ablation (dermabrasion or laser) Why Dermabrasion? At the point of time based on my limited online research, Fraxel Repair was touted to be the ultimate gold standard for acne scarring treatment. I was quite disheartened because I do not see significant results from the 2session I had. Not to mention, the treatments were very expensive, very painful, with very long downtime. I scouted online for better treatments and came across dermabrasion. Dermabrasion uses a wire brush or a diamond wheel with rough edges (called a burr or fraise) to remove the upper layers of the skin. The brush or burr spins quickly, taking off and leveling (abrading or planing) the top layers of the skin. This process injures or wounds the skin and causes it to bleed. As the wound heals, new skin grows to replace the damaged skin. It is touted to be the most invasive (and to my uneducated mind – hence most effective treatment) and that got me really interested. MIXED RESULTS Let’s start with the area with the best results: My cheeks’ relatively shallow box scars improved by leaps and bounds! I feel that my forehead’s rolling scars worsen – the pores are bigger and the newly grown skin seems quite ‘waxy’ and saggy. I feel that dermabrasion has thinned my skin so much that early wrinkles are etching. I am not even 30 years old yet! JUST LOOK AT THE GIGANTIC PITS AT MY NOSE. Mind you, the left picture is before dermabrasion, the right picture is AFTER. FRONT VIEW OF THE GIGANTIC PITS. I paid close to 4000 sgd for the dermabrasion, flied specially to Thailand for a week, endured super painful thick needles poking through my entire face for full face local anesthetic, holed up at home for 2 months to hide and care tediously of my raw, bloody face (I did not dare to take picture of myself them. It looks something like below – raw bloody skinless face.) I noticed the super large new holes on my nose straight after the surgery and told the doctor. He told me just wait for my skin to heal and the scarring will 100% be better than before. I believed him and fly back to Singapore. When I emailed his clinics my devastating nose scarring outcomes, his nurse just gave me some flippant replies in bad English about how they could not guarantee results, blah, blah. I feel so angry just writing about this again. Lesson: Do not your skin treatments overseas. It is hard to hold the overseas doctors responsible.
  6. i've been battling moderate acne since high school, and from that, my nose and t-zone are very scarred with enlarged / dilated pores. until recently this wasn't that big of a deal, as i've gotten over the appearance of them over the years. however, in the last week two of the enlarged pores on my nose tip joined together to form a mega, deep pore, and it's been very distressing to the point that i haven't felt this low since my my early 20s when my face used to be horrible. what's even more distressing is that i'm afraid that the other pores will do the same, and join together, as i get older and they keep getting more dilated. the most demotivating is that i keep a very strict routine of oil cleansing + retin-a (every other night) / finacea + vitamin c + moisturizer + sunscreen. and it took me years to find a routine that doesn't break me out. i have an appointment with my primary doctor this week to get a rx for antidepressants and a referral to a derm. and i have asked beautifulambition for his opinion and he said fully ablative erbium, punch excision, needling, are all potential options. i've been spending the last several days researching the heck out of all of those options, and i'm not swayed by the results i've seen, in fact they're scarring me off and making me feel more discouraged. i wanted to post it here to get a few more opinions. i'm located in Vancouver so if anyone knows of acne scar specialists here i'm open. my search is only turning up a Dr. Moon Choi, who seems to be against ablative lasers (going by his website). i have family in LA, and can travel to Korea as well if there is an expert. i'm very depressed, especially given this area of the face is tricky. but please, any suggestions and opinions are welcome. please note i'm not looking to achieve perfect skin or even anything close, i just want to re-separate the pores, and prevent other pores from joining.. (in the picture below, the joined pore is the big one in the middle.)
  7. Do you have an update on how your surgery or treatment went?