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  1. I consulted with Renewme as well, and this is the quote I got (for acne scarring only, not pores): 1. Package 1 - DNA self-corium (co2 gas and DNA & filler) + INNO PLUS + fraxel = 2,000,000 KRW per session 2. Package 2 - INNO PLUS + fraxel = $1,200,000 KRW per session It is extremely overpriced, especially when you compare to a place like Oracle (a big chain that has English-speaking doctors at some of the branches). They quoted me 250,000KRW/session for Fraxel + TCA. I almost
  2. hello! there is hope. treatment takes a very long time. i've now completed 9 treatments. 6 in korea and 3 by myself after i came back. some of my pores (cheeks) are 100% gone, the ones on my nose are 70-80% healed. i'd like to do one more treatment before i share the final results so that the result can be as dramatic as possible. stay tuned!!! don't give up hope. for now i will give this advice: - wait 8 weeks minimum between treatments. - if doing it on pores, the first 2-3 tre
  3. Update: It's been a tough two weeks. After all the hardened sebum came out, some of the pores looked not only looked wider, but deeper. Really sent me on a tailspin , and I thought I had made the worst decision ever. Worst part is that the "bright red" mark left behind by the scab that everyone else has seen, I didn't see at all. Just wider, deeper pores. It was a dark time and I contemplated things I shouldn't have been contemplating. Desperate, I consulted with a different doc
  4. Day 6 - most of the scabs are gone. Pores look about the same. I can count maybe 3 post-scab red marks, 2 of them are on the sides of my nostrils. Definitely not the same TCA experience I read about on here... Face colour is back to normal, but parts of it still feels like sand paper. I rubbed some of the hardened sebum off, some remain. This week, I'm going to try to seek out a few more opinions. I'm not sold on this doctor's technique and I'm definitely not happy with the aftercare
  5. Well actually I pre-paid for the three treatments, so they're getting my money regardless. lol but I completely hear what you're saying. I'm going to discuss with the doctor and see what she has to say. It's Day 5, and I'm troubled by all the specks of hardened sebum on my cheeks. Anyone with large pores can imagine what a nightmare it is to not exfoliate for five days. But at the same time, I can't clean them off because I don't want to disturb the scabs. Interestingly, all of the scabs ar
  6. These are really great points and I totally agree with you that I need to be more careful. I did research on Naver (Korean Google basically) and it seems monthly CO2 is the norm here. My theory is that they do it on the low density setting, with a strategy of repeat but frequent treatments. Here is Davin Lim talking about it on RealSelf and saying that low density CO2 heals up in 3 days. I'm going to talk to the doctor about the density and ask more about intervals. I'm on Day 4, and
  7. Still a bit red, but nowhere near as bad as Day 1. No pain. The holes do look bigger, and I don't have much scabbing, just a little on my temples. It's slightly worrying, and I have a lot of thoughts running through my head, but it's the long-haul and I have to have faith in the process. My next treatment is actually in a month. Every place I consulted at actually recommended laser + TCA monthly. I know they went with the deepest setting (1.6mm), but maybe not that high of density or e
  8. Thanks for the well wishes! I completely get what you mean. There is really not much here or out there. And the nose pores/scars threads in the "Emotional and psychological effects" forum are absolutely devastating, and relatable. I'll do my best to be thorough. It's Day 2, and no scabs yet. Aquaphor is sitting on top of my skin from last night, and I'm not sure if I should wash it off and apply a new layer or leave it be.
  9. Thanks, I think I'm going to continue with Aquaphor until scabs form, because I can't imagine having a dry face right now with this redness and pain. Funny thing is, there were some immediate scabs from the needles that drew blood, and some of them came off when I was applying the Aquaphor and the pores look bigger. Hopefully it's nothing.
  10. Thanks for your response. Always so knowledgeable. But this is why I'm confused. Their aftercare instructions is only antibiotic liquid pat on face twice a day until the scabs fall off. Then, after the scabs have fallen off, regenerative cream. Yet, everywhere I've read online is Aquaphor or Vaseline for laser, and then split opinion on dry/moist for TCA scabs. How do I keep it moist and dry at the same time? And if I'm putting on Aquaphor, doesn't it mean I'll need to wash
  11. Hi everyone, Last year around this time I made a thread about freaking about my already enlarged pores joining together to form mega pores. Well I am now in Korea, and have just received the first of a series of 3 treatments of Fraxel Re:pair (a fractional CO2 laser) + TCA CROSS. In a nutshell: it was extremely painful as the doctor used a tiny TCA-infused needle to puncture my scars and pores. She was very aggressive and went everywhere. And this was all before the laser which
  12. The main one looks likes a long ice pick scar, although I do see a few enlarged pores around it. I am still a little skeptical because the results look almost too good to be true. Anyone else want to chime in?
  13. Hey, thanks for posting this. This is actually exactly what I'm talking about, that there are no pictures or videos of the results. Have you been able to find any?
  14. The OP posted about the CO2 laser, and I responded with an article about Dermabrasion to illustrate the possibility that ablating or removing the top layer of your skin may actually the condition worse by revealing the wider part of pores below. I also brought up that TCA Cross may be the best option, but that finding an expert is difficult, as it's difficult to find good before & afters online.