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  1. I've been using Tretinoin for about 9 months and recently I've noticed a small indentation on my forehead that looks a bit like an icepick scar only more drawn out like a wrinkle or a crack. It definitely wasn't there a few days ago. Anyway, I've read a few reviews of the cream in which people are saying they've developed icepick scars where redmarks had been. Has anyone else experienced something similar? I'm planning on booking an appointment with a derm soon as I find the Tretinoin has been m
  2. Do local pharmacies or beauty supply stores carry any good concealers? Or do you have to order the really good ones online?
  3. Or is it better to just leave it alone all together?
  4. Once a zit develops, but hasn't really come to a head (nodule or cyst perhaps?), is it better to ice it or apply a hot compress? I understand that a hot compress will bring it to a head and it will pop, but I want to avoid having it pop, as this usually leaves redmarks on my skin. Will applying ice make it dissolve back into the skin without breaking? Or am I better off with the hot compress so it will drain out?
  5. thanks for the tips how long should you ice them for?
  6. any advice on stopping inflamed pimples from getting any bigger?
  7. I picked up Bio-Oil a few days ago. Started using it monday, and thought I saw a slight improvement of my PIH. Today when I woke up I noticed my PIH seems to be redder. Perhaps the Bio-Oil is irritating it? I also use Tretinoin cream at night, so maybe they are reacting to eachother. Either way I've decided to stop using Bio-Oil for a while and see if it improves.
  8. can you purchase bio-oil at pharmacies in the US?
  9. hopefully mine will fade as well. anyone else have any output?
  10. post inflamatory hyperpigmentation. is it bad that its very red?
  11. First, let me start by saying that I suffer from mild-moderate acne. Well, about a week ago I started to develop a cystic pimple on the side of my nose (every once in a while I get them there). It grew quite large and about a week later a whitehead (or pustule?) started to form on it. Over the next few days it drained out by itself and then became very dry. A day or two ago the dry skin that covered it fell off to reveal redness where the pimple had been. The area where the skin broke to drain i