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  1. Well because I have now started on the MaMa Lotion I will give it a try and if it doesn't work, I will definitely try Dan's BP. I just want to have clear skin and I am prepared to do anything to get there. I agree. Thank you all so much for that advice. The baby brush method sounds quite effective from what I've now read in the forums, so I'll be sure to purchase one of those and let you know how I go. Two tubes of Dan's BP have been ordered
  2. Hi all, Firstly, can I say that I can't wait until my skin is completely clear so that I can stop asking so many questions and start being able to help others and actually answer some questions! Thank you for your wonderful help so far. A great suggestion that I've received from this forum is to try baking soda as an exfoliant. It has worked extremely well in terms of improving the overall smoothness of my skin. However, there are still a number of stubborn pimples that I've had for a couple o
  3. Oh dear! Let me know how you go. I can't say I've experienced hair thinning, no.
  4. That really helped - thanks. I'm now scratch free :)
  5. After doing a little bit of research, it appears that the only difference between these pills is that some attract a government surcharge, making them more expensive than the other ED pills. My doctor just prescribed Brenda 35 ED without asking if I'd prefer Juliet (I assume he did this because of the price difference). Even though I can't seem to have found any apparent differences between the pills other than price, I will get hold of a prescription for Juliet once my Brenda one runs out thi
  6. I haven't been exfoliating as I've read that that just aggravates acne. However, I have tried the baking soda tonight so I'll let you know how it goes. Thanks for your advice.
  7. I've been on the Regimen for about two months now and am wondering when improvements in my skin will start! Currently I'm: * Cleansing gently twice a day with Cetaphil Cleanser for Oily Skin * Using the full amount of Benzoyl Peroxide in the evening and a smaller amount in the morning (using the full amount twice a day really dried out my skin and made it itchy) * Moisturising with Cetaphil Moisturing Lotion * Taking zinc supplements * Taking an oral contraceptive pill that is supposed to help
  8. Hi there, I went on Juliet 35 ED when I was 17 upon the recommendation of my doctor, to help address my acne. It worked extremely well but I have been off a pill that specifically helps with acne until recently. My acne has been flaring up again so my doctor prescribed Brenda 35 ED and my acne has shown no improvement. Has anyone has had a similar experience, or does anyone have any recommendations / ideas for what is going wrong? I've been on Brenda for 2 months now. Thanks in advance, Ma
  9. Hi everyone, I've been on the Regimen for a few weeks now and am currently experiencing very flaky, dry skin with breakouts. This has resulted in my skin feeling quite uncomfortable and itchy. However, I'm persisting! Over the past few days, I've realised that I actually touch my face during the day and even at night time when I get an itch. I'm aware of how important it is to keep hands away from the face when trying to clear up acne. However, I'm finding it very difficult to break this patte