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  1. i have to agree that it usually grow its first roots on your forehead. i remember when i first had my pimples (age 17), it started on my forehead, then on my temples, then on my nose, then on the space between the nose and mouth, and finally (presently) around the chin area. hopefully your theory hold some truth bcos of does, then im on my way to clearer skin. GRADUATION AT LAST!!!
  2. for me, it's the chin area. not only does it hurt when you smile or talk, pimples down there (for me) tends to be big and red. so yeah, chin acne sucks ass.
  3. wicked..that's one hell of an improvement man. seriously, i really admire your humor and your outlook in life. may i just be allowed to say this once more; you are beautiful inside and out. keep up the good work!
  4. i saw it on TV tonight. they said that colloidal silver does help improve pimples. anybody here can attest to that claim? i want to quote this article regarding colloidal silver. (source: http://altered-states.net/barry/newsletter175/index.htm) The Rediscovery of a Super Antibiotic? Colloidal silver appears to be a powerful, natural antibiotic and preventative against infections. Acting as a catalyst, it reportedly disables the enzyme that one-celled bacteria, viruses and fungi need for their
  5. i also have very oily skin and i love the way sulfur soap make it under control. as for me, i have no issues with the smell, as long as it keeps me clear.
  6. yeah i heard of that too. hopefully this works. so far so good. even though im letting the soap dry on my face for a minute or two before baby brushing and rinsing, it does not make my skin dry at all (although it does feel a little stiff but no flaking or anything). it also made my skin less oily so i guess that's good. i'll post my improvements
  7. right now im re-trying the "FPJ" formula posted years before in this thread. i already tried it once and i think it did make my face better (in some way). however i got tired of waiting and stopped. but when i think of it, it really might help and it might take the place of some prescription-only derm products. so here's the ingredients to make it (mine uses 1 additional ingredient) eskinol classic (125ml..i think) AFAXIN (retinol palmitate 50,000 IU/capsule) - retin-a and accutane are all vit
  8. i really hope this works. BP seemed to stop working for me. im currently having these huge red bumps which starts as a small not-so-threathening looking thingy. problem with my skin is that i rarely get whiteheads/blackheads. but i dont have a lot of active pimples simultaneously as well. my real problem is that when a pimple appears, it'll grow really big and red (papule or pustule) then linger on my face for quite a while. pimple marks also take a hell lot of time to go away. i hope there's so
  9. the product that i bought does not say that you'll see immediate improvements. i read that from a website (which i can no longer find). thanks for the suggestion though. i just hate it that there are only limited products for acne here in the Philippines.
  10. Hi everyone! i just bought this soap from our local grocery store. it's basically a sulfur-based soap with zinc oxide. it cost me like Php 19.00 (roughly USD 0.50). do you guys think that this is any good? i've read that you'll see results with just one use. im breaking out really bad these past few days and i want to stop it ASAP. also i bought these "pimple patch" made by Bare Essential. it says in its packaging that it's made in France. my cousin and i tried using it the other night and it di
  11. thanks for all the posts. i have to agree that one must still keep a regimen in order to control acne. i personally maintain my own. i have yet to see the outcome of my zinc supplementation for the next couple of months. however, i noticed that for the past few weeks i haven't got any new pimple on my back. btw, i also started drinking ACV 3x a day and i also apply it topically with a few aspirin am and pm. i also noticed that no new major breakout occurred since i started the acv regimen. i rea
  12. i forgot to tell you that toothpaste containing fluoride is said to aggravate acne. be careful when brushing your teeth. make sure that it doesn't come in contact with your face.
  13. I've been doing a research regarding zinc and acne for the past few days and i came across this website. i'm telling you as early as now that this site will lure you into paying for an e-book that tells you everything you need to know about acne but DON'T. just by reading the article will already give you the gist of the entire e-book. Here's the site: http://www.acneyoda.com/acne-secrets.html Just click on the "next" links at the bottom of each article. These are LONG articles and it really t