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  1. hi i know its not possible to delete accounts however is it possible to change my username? i was stupid to put my real name (it comes up in google when i search it) thanks...
  2. wow 3-4 grams? im currently taking 500 mg is there anything wrong in taking more than suggested on the container?
  3. bump! i was just about to make a topic about which vitamins i should take in order to heal/improve my scarring
  4. well ive got 2 really bad red marks on my nose from picking blackheads and they are really red what can i do to reduce the inflammation? they are like wounds quite large in size, abit larger than this O it seems as though the texture of the skin has changed also looks wrinkly
  5. ive decided only to wash my face once a day because i believe thats all i need, should i wash it in the morning or at night, or maybe in the afternoon after school, when my face is most oily. ta
  6. so about a month ago i started using clinique's 3 step face washing system, ive noticed i havent been getting those big ugly pimples anymore but alot of whiteheads and clogpores, should i find a new face wash? any recommendations, before i used a organic based which i mite consider going back to
  7. i dont think ill ever be happy, if my skin is getting better i dont get any happier because from experience i know it'll just go downhill again, scarring dosent help either.....
  8. entire face i believe, doing whole face will cause uneven colour? entire face i believe, doing bits of the face will cause it to look uneven
  9. dim lighting is the worst it reveals the redness, when i go under orangey light the redness is not even visible also the scars dont look as shallow
  10. well i have 2 pimples on my right cheek which have been there for about a week, both of them dont have whiteheads yet -.- frustrating, and 1 has turned purple, can anyone relate? or should i go seek a dermatologist? ty
  11. well ive been getting really aggrovated about my scars which arent very big but small indents, what would be the safest/most effective treatment in order to improve their appearance? thankyou
  12. kaybee24


    thankyou for the quick reply, has anyone of similar skin (asian/medi) had a peel done before and can specify the results?