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  1. WOOHOO! With glee I sent this email and the attached photos to my friends and family: "Check out my pics, one from early November and the 2nd one from last Friday....a few pimples, but those are actually on their way out (so i was told)...apparently the "seed" of the pimple is gone (was extracted last time) and it's flat, but it takes some time for the hard casing that was around the "seed" to be broken down/reabsorbed into the body, and then a little longer for the discoloration to fade. How
  2. I went in for my 6th appointment at FRSC last Friday. I saw Shilpa again. I love her; she's adorable! We had such good esthetician-client chemistry. I mean, I love everyone I've met at FRSC so far but Shilpa's such a doll. On with my face/treatment: I had those couple extra pimples that I complained about in my previous posts, but according to her they were flat now and "on their way out." it's just a matter of time for the hardness in the pimple to dissipate and get absorbed back into
  3. it just occurred to me that there are a LOT of cats on this webpage? i love cats!
  4. so the day AFTER i wrote my last post, i found yet ANOTHER pimple under my chin, closer to my neck. this is the FOURTH pimple there, although one of the "twin pimples" is virtually gone. yes, it sucked, but yes, i make a big deal about it because i wasn't expecting it and thought i was on the way to spotlessly clear...i guess a little detour. i also found another pimple in front of my ear this morning. *sigh* ...but life's been pretty stressful for me these days. a lot of emotional stress,
  5. ...so I am now in the middle of my 2nd week of school this spring semester. it's not been as stressful as last semester (at this point, at least!). i did, however, get a big pimple under my chin not far from the two pimples i was complaining about last week. they're all smaller now, but man, they are STUBBORN! especially the "twin zits"-- so annoying! i feel like they've been clogged like that forever! on a positive note, i think the bleaching lotion forte is lightening the discoloration!
  6. I went to FRSC yesterday to get another little bottle of Derm-a-gel only to be told by the lovely Shilpa that she was going to bump me up to the next level with the Vitamin A (I didn't catch that the "a" in Derm-a-gel was for vitamin A--duh!) and have me use the Exfol-A (haha, a little clearer with that, no pun intended) instead, since I was responding well to the treatment currently. I will write more about how my skin feels if I notice some big change with it (probably not)....and how it reac
  7. looking at that old photo really was great in getting perspective, as Willow stated. i think the last time i posted i shared i was a bit dry/tender from some stinging when i put on a couple products; that's completely gone and it actually has been since the evening of my last post. my pimples that irked me at my last session are still there but shrunken considerably- yay! i did, however, find a couple of mini pimples (inflamed) right under my lower lip, and another little one next to my nostr
  8. ...so i went in for my 6th session at FRSC last Friday and truthfully was expecting my typical day in the clinic; i mean, my skin was ok-- had a few pimples that i'd gotten since the last time i was at FRSC, and was a little disgruntled (as i'm sure you already gathered) by the fact that they were in the target/problem zones. well, i couldn't have been farther from the truth! i was SO happy to be told by laura that i am 90% there [to getting clear]! WOW! my skin even looked good enough to t
  9. my skin is...eeehhhh...this week. i just discovered a new pimple not far from the 2 on the underside of my chin; i was like "what? AGAIN?!" really annoying to break out there after all the work that the estheticians and i have put into clearing up that area specifically. my only consolation is believing that my noninflamed acne is still in the purging face. i have to believe that it WILL get better...but i thought i was over the hump! i haven't been using the clarate spot treatment at all;
  10. Unfortunately I broke out this week after seeing a decent improvement the last couple weeks. I got 2 new pimples right next to each other on the underside of my chin, plus one on my jaw and two on my left cheek. I never would've thought that using or not using acne med would make all the difference in the world, but it has. I'm now using that and the derm-a-gel twice daily (after not because of the previous burning/dryness). Thankfully, the pimples in question seem to be dying down and ther
  11. I went in for my 5th treatment today and this time, because of my burning/stinging issue (and because I was still a tad red/dry), I got a moisturizing facial with steam from Julie. THAT was really nice! I really enjoyed the moisturizing facial, it felt so good to get stuff painted on me while having steam blowing- very relaxing (and WARM, as I just came in from the rain)! Laura said my skin was definitely looking better in my trouble zone; she thought maybe I was allergic to something in th
  12. Well, it took a few days for the redness/itching to go down and I still have some brown spots from the worst of the burning. (I'm really hoping that's just the dead skin!) My skin looks a lot better in my trouble zone, so that's good. Unfortunately, I had a few new pimples pop up in completely different places (my cheeks) from where I normally have issues.... I've added all the products slowly back but am very very careful to use tiny amounts of the clarate and bp. it's been fine doing it t
  13. so i've been using the clarate (AM) and derm-a-gel (PM) now for a few days. by christmas eve my face was really flaky from it all. i didn't use the BP after the derm-a-gel that night simply because i didn't remember to bring it with me when i spent the night at my parents' home. last night i was back at my house to continue my regimen as planned. i used the BP after the clarate and my face was itchy when i went to sleep. this morning it felt really tight and still a little itchy, so i put s