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  1. My first week of retin-a and i broke out like crazy i went from like 10 pimples to like 30...is this normal in the first week. Should i go to the gel is it the same price as the cream?
  2. I'm pretty tanned and I'm using retin-a .1% cream with clindamycin 1%lotion and I've been using it for a week now and I BROKE OUT LIKE CRAZY its not whiteheads its the ones with no whitehead but just a red bump and its tender... is it like normal breakingout soooo sooon?
  3. Currently im using retin-a .1% cream and im pretty sure its not. And if you do get tazorac your skin will not be used to such a change from retin-a to tazorac.
  4. Well the cream is freaking drying...on .1%
  5. Well my face has a lot of redmarks before and still while on retin-a and clindamycin.. Clindaymycin reduces oil production and reduces redness..its an antibiotic in lotion form.
  6. I am not using Retin-A micro but im using the cream 1% and the second day using a pea size only once a day my skin started to peel...and my lotion didn't help.-,-
  7. Is it normal for peeling in 2 days? Also am i allow to put on lotion? Also why is the cornor of my nose and my mouth its cracked and dry when i dont put the medication on it?
  8. Well today I was perscribed Retin-A .1% Cream ad Clindamycin 1% lotion To wash face with Cetaphil Facial Wash then apply clindamycin twice a day and Retin-A at night after applying clindamycin. I am wondering how well did Retin-A .1% Cream and/or Clindamycin 1% lotion worked for you? I've been suffering with acne for 4 years each year is getting worse. I've have so many marks on my face and they are red and when light hits my face at a certain angle you can see all my acne/scars etc. So I'