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  1. i heard water is really good i drink 4-5 cups of lipton tea with a cup of sugar, is that bad?
  2. lean meats, veggies, fruits and nuts sound all pretty good any1 know the definition of lean meat?
  3. there was 2 big pimples on my left and right cheek and i just couldnt help to pick them i knew it was bad but i hated that i had that big two zits on my face and now that i'm done picking them i feel very bad, it looks as its worse than before how do u guys not pick ur zits? dont u get the urge to pick it hoping it'll go away? to me it feels like if i pick it it'll go away, it kinda does but it messes up my face and it looks all red n stuff
  4. i would like to believe and pretty sure what you eat doesn't cause ACNE but i cant help to think that the food i eat might be helpin acne breed. My diet usualy consists of 2 meal a day, brunch at 11am and dinner at 9pm, with alot of pizza, burgers, Soda and leftovers lol. i'm pretty healthy even tho i eat like a pig my question is, How do you guys eat to keep the acne away? ps: please dont say like no meat or wheat, i could never live without bread or meat
  5. Do these work together well? currently i'm using regiment 3 step mornin and night and during the day, neutrogena on-the-spot during the day on the acnes. has any1 tried this?
  6. i'm in the same situation as you. you have to try to be confident in ur skin.
  7. congrats man, we are very happy for you, hope the acne keeps away from you now on
  8. My dad has been saying you will outgrow acne at my age of 14-15 and now he stopped saying that lol :S, he kept telling me, it's hormones dont worry, everyone have acne and you will outgrow it, now i'm 19 and i still get some breakouts :S whose parents here told them the same thing?
  9. i wanted to kill myself but it wasnt because of acne lol but acne leads to mental worries/problems and you know what your mind can do to fuck you up lol
  10. very interesting posts. i wouldnt regret all the time i played, i'll learn on my mistakes i've made
  11. i've had acne since 14-15 and now i'm 19, i avoided social situations like hanging out with friends and i just sat behind my computer and played this game called runescape, it wasted 3 years of my life. i regret wasting my time on that game, but at the time i didnt think of much because i was addicted to the game and i just felt like playing game all day. it might've been the mental effect the acne had on me anyone ever had this problem? now i'm a recovering addict, trust me it was a prob
  12. good for you, i'm happy for you, confidence is a great thing i had acne for 4-5 years so far and i think it killed most of my confidence
  13. god please have mercy on me and help me to achieve clear skin, please let this regiment work for me i dont know how many times i ditched my friends and social events and wanted to stay by myself in my room watching tv or playing video games, are countless there is this girl i really like, and we havent seen each other in a while, she wanted to catch up with me since it's been 4-5 months, i told her i have stuff to do sorry, BUT i have nothing to do at home, this acne and zits are killing me
  14. my high school years sucked. i was in four different high schools in 4 year. i didnt have alot of friends, i tried everything to avoid going to school, the times i had bad acne on my face, i just didnt want to go to school. i cut school often and just stayed home and played video games. i didnt want to go to parties or hang out with people mostly because of my acne, it sucked, if i ever could go back to high school with clear face, i'd give my soul now i'm in college and it still sucks, i sti
  15. i used proactive and i wont say it didnt help me at all, i think it helped me a little then i had to buy more proactive which i didnt want to to since i didnt get the result i wanted to
  16. Hi to you all acne.org friends, i'm new here I've been suffering from acne since age of 14, now i'm nearing 20. Its been very stressful to have acne/pimples, i always avoided social situations and kept myself away from people and specially girls. its been tough i have tried many things but didnt work well, such as proactive and murad i have been on the regiment since october 10th, and today's nov 6th, so i've been on the regiment for 4 weeks so far i'm very happy with regiment, my skin feel