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  1. Shiseido sunscreen spf33 for both face and body. 30 dollars for 100 mL, not so pricy Very good review on makeupalley I like it very much.
  2. thanks! I find that cetaphil has a product called DailyAdvanceTM Ultra Hydrating Lotion for the face. Is this good? It seems that its specially designed for face.
  3. I tried cereve lotion, it's not moisturizing enough. But i do not know the cream version. How about cetaphil cream? very good reviews there.
  4. Hi, I am wondering if anybody use cetaphil moisturizing lotion or cream here? My skin is really dry in the winter, but breaks out often. I am planning to buy the cream version. Any suggestions?
  5. I tried lauria mercia TM before, it was not moisturizing enough, but better coverage than olay. My skin goes well with lauria mercia.
  6. I tries Olay 7-1 tinted moisturizer. It was fine in the first 3 days. Then I had allergic reaction to it. The moisturizer also cause me small zits and itchy skin
  7. I do not feel any effect with toner, though I have been doing it for years Just do whenver you like. It doesn't make much difference
  8. Probably I am been using it for a month now; My face is covered with acne. Those zits are not big or painful. But there are a lot of red small zits. I am about to give up. I guess I will return it to sephora this weekend.
  9. Anybody tried it? I am very happy that olay has tinted moisturizer now. Both definity and total effects have moisturizer with color. I hate to put too many layers of products on my face. So this 3 in 1 moisturizer seems very intruging. Anybody can give any comment? Like it or not? comedogenic or not? Coverage?
  10. MSSDdancer45, I am so glad to hear that murad acne complex has worked for you. I have been using it for 4 weeks and I still breakout. I guess I have to wait longer to see the result. A few questions: Do you think the moisturizer work? I feel that only the exfoliating gel could do sth. Moisturizer is drying. Do you use the regime during day time?
  11. My skin is sensitive, becos of medication for acne treatment, I always feels dry and irritated. Any good recommendation for a foundation that soothe the skin and has a spf?
  12. I recommend shiseido's sunscreen, spf33 for face and body. A little pricy, but it's the best I've tried so far. I have combination, sensitive, acne prone skin.
  13. Update after 13 days use: I broke out badly immediatly after 2 days of usage. Now, I started to get better. I still breakout, but no big zits, just tinny ones. Those angry painful zits are dwelling, do not hurt anymore. My face feels very smooth becos of glycolic acid and retinol. The murad acne complex is strong. Some times a little stinging feeling after application of treatment gel. The murad moisturizer is not moisturizing enough. I always need to apply an extra layer of moisturizer. I thin
  14. Murad acne complex contains retinol, both in the exfoliating gel and the moisturizer. I am guessing that's the reason why everybody seems to breakout from the product. I've already brokeout badly after 2 weeks use. I will try it at least 1-2 months.
  15. The feedback sounds really scary. I will continue to use this kit for 1 or 2 months and see the result. But definitely, I will update my experience. Thank you for all the replies.