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  1. to be honest i dont think its a question of what you need. its a question of what you dont need. with your diet i suggest you get off topicals and let your skin heal
  2. If that's a real gun, I'm glad I am not living in America. More to the point, yes, confidence is key. Good stuff mate.
  3. I just stuffed myself with a lot of meat, salad and fruit...Did the job. Yes, I couldn't survive without eating fruit!! I've been on the diet for about 5 weeks, I think.
  4. Hi everyone, Has anyone else experienced this? After I eat a big meal (might include eggs, sausages, even a big steak recently), I don't get full! Maybe this is what it was meant to be like?? Not stuffing ourselves with carbs etc??
  5. I've been eating 85% dark chocolate and loving it. I think it's because I haven''t had any chocolate for so long. Does anyone else eat dark chocolate???
  6. Visit the Holistic forum. It was the best decision I ever made.
  7. Hi mariamaria, Well, first of all, learning to speak confidently in public doesn't happen overnight. You need to ask yourself: how important is having the ability to speak in public to you? If it's just to get a passing grade, or to avoid embarrassment, then you will likely lack what it takes to build confidence. Maybe it will help your career?? It will certainly build your confidence as a person! I had a speech 2 days ago for my class. Before the speech, I made sure I was really confid
  8. Yes, my skin is clearer than it used to be. However, when my skin was breaking out really bad, I made an extra effort to be confident as much as possible. Now that my skin is clearing up (as a result of a quasi paleo diet), my confidence is starting to skyrocket. Yesterday, I initiated a converation with a girl who went to my primary school (I'm now at uni!) She was in the grade above me, and I have never really spoke to her before! This is just one example. I am now the guy who will intr
  9. Ah yes, milk. Milk ruined my chin/jawline about 1-2 years ago. Good times hehe
  10. Can these cause breakouts? Even though they're sugar free? I only ask because there appears to be a lot of artificial ingredients in both. Cheers
  11. In the morning, I eat: bacon (grilled) eggs (boiled) sausages (grilled) tomato (grilled) That will probably put some weight on hehe
  12. I used to have really bad pustules around that area. It was the milk that caused it. Are you having protein shakes or something?
  13. Try eating low GI to regulate hormonal levels + consider your dairy intake.
  14. I'll boil the eggs and put the bacon on the griller. What do you think?