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  1. I have only been off for a few days now, but by the start of the 4th month I was clear and have stayed clear since. I don't even have black heads i'm so clear! So lets hope I stay this way. Accutane has been the wonder drug for me.
  2. I had quite a few cysts the first month or two on accutane, but the derm injected them for me and they were gone the next day. Since November I haven't had one cyst, so hang in there it gets way better
  3. I just finished accutane (last weekend) and I was wondering if anyone knows how long I have to wait until I can start doing laser hair removal agian? What about waxing?
  4. 1/3/08 After being on accutane for three months now I am really starting to see it work. In the past month I had 2 break outs and very limited black heads. The skin on my face is starting to be very smooth other then the past scars I have from acne. My skin is also starting to get very dry and no lotions are helping, and I am getting nose bleeds very time I blow my nose. The dermatologist also likes the results I am getting and my blood work is coming back normal, so they think I won’t ha
  5. Day 63 Sorry I haven't updated lately but Nov was very busy with submitting job applications, interviewing and getting rejected. So overall it was a pretty hard month for me since I want so badly to get out of this job. My job just wears me down and every night before bed and every morning I dread that I have to go to work. Yea I know "at least you have a job" but seriously I deal with very incompetent people all day, and it wears me out and I feel trapped here. Well I just had my third doc
  6. You can either see if your primary doctor can recommend you, talk with friends and family and ask if they know of any, or last choice you can look in a phone book/internet. Also make sure your insurance will cover that specific clinic or doctor because then it could end up being very expensive. If you are from MN I can give you some recs!
  7. Day 33 No real big or deep pimples today, my black heads are finally starting to clear up, but I can't stop picking the current ones I have. I have always had a hard time not picking my face; I do it now with out even thinking I’m so bad. Today at work I picked just about everything I could and now I am upset with myself. I don't think my face would look nearly as bad if I could just quit picking it, and this makes me sad. I have not noticed any changes so far from increasing my prescri
  8. Basically the shots are my bestfriend so I would go for it. Have you had it for a while or is it a new zit, because if it is new it could still get bigger. I'm no doctor but cortizone shots have worked wonders for me.
  9. Well I have just finished my first month on accutane, well I guess it is actually Amnesteem, and I’m not noticing too much of a difference. I decided to track what was going on and hopefully this blog can help someone else. A little background on me is I started going to the dermatologist when I was 15. I had horrible deep purple acne mostly on my forehead. The kind that is very pussy and nasty. I was started on antibiotics, tetracycline was my first, and stayed on them for about 7 years and
  10. I was told by my doctor to drink in moderation because the accutane is processed in the liver just like the alcohol, so basically the two together overloads the liver. The accutane won't make you get drunk faster or make you break out, but it will be harmful to your liver. Also I was told not to take Tylenol because that is also processed in the liver, choose an ibuprofen (Advil) instead. Also my pills always come with a sticker on it that says "do not take with alcohol", doesn't anyone elseâ