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  1. Hey! I saw a comment u added where u said tht u found a way 2 clear your skin. I was just wondering, but how? Did u have acne/scars/blemishes? And what products really helped you?

  2. Thanks for all of that! That is defintely a lot of useful info! Fortunately, or unfortunately my skin is as tough as nails, so it really takes a lot to actually irritate it(or do anything to it for that matter). I think I might just buy Dan's and see how it works out, and go from there! I still have some of my NHSFL, just incase!
  3. I have a question about Dan's AHA. I currently use Neutrogena's AHA Face lotion. I really like the outcome of Neutrogena's AHA on my skin. My marks have faded, and its made my skin much smoother. (I am also currently on the regimen). Here is my question, how is Dan's AHA compared to that of neutrogena(if anyone knows). I mean does, it more or less work the same? I would really like to support this site and Dan, because I love all of the other products, plus Dan's AHA is cheaper. So yeah..if anyo
  4. I have dark brown hair(a chocolate color)..with some caramel highlights at the moment. I'm pretty pale(Polish decent) with pinkish undertones. I have hazel eyes..and depending what I am wearing and how the light hits, my eyes can look different colors. Sometimes they look more green, sometimes more brown, and sometimes this weird light greenish color(someone said its like wolf eyes lol)...
  5. do you know if you can get that mask at Target or Walmart?
  6. so here's probably a dumb question, but right now I am using a product similar to Dan's AHA everynight. If I got this, would it replace that product? Or would I use it with the AHA product. Seems like a AHA overload..but I guess I'm not sure if it is the same thing?
  7. there are a few reviews for the de-puff gel on makeupalley.com. Overall rating of 3.1 out of 5..which is ok.
  8. you know..I haven't tried to wash it yet, since I just got it not too long ago. But I assume you could just take it off, and use soap and water? I'm guessing that would work ok. Let it dry overnight/for awhile kind of like a regular makeup brush
  9. I really like it. I take it with me instead of using a compact! I was a bit hesitant at first, but you can take the little puff off if you want to wash/clean it. For me, its great, because sometimes I just want to freshen my makeup. I think it is worth the money. I don't think I would use it to actually apply a full face of make-up...but like I said..for a quick touch up..it works great.
  10. I ordered on July 3rd, and got it on July 9th(or maybe 10th, I don't really remember). Payed by PayPal, and I live in Wisconsin..so it was pretty speedy, especially over the holiday weekend i just ordered the $50 set, and I got the same sized eyeshadows as I had in the past..the bigger ones with the lilac colored lids.
  11. I've taken the sifter out...just get your nail, or something else that can be wedged underneath there and pop it off.
  12. for me, nothing else worked to help keep my eyeshadow stay all day, or even for an hour. After having eyeshadow on for an hour, it would crease terribly, but with UDPP, it stays all day, without budging. Plus most of my eyeshadows look a bit brighter with it on
  13. I would definitely say try to fine an Urban Decay counter, because the UDPP is amazing. There was no way I was ever wearing eye shadow before, because it would crease an hour later. Now I can wear eye shadow on hot, humid days, and it still looks nice by the end of the day!