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    Hi, I really need some help and advice on how I can clear up my acne. I’ve always had acne since purberty and it got worse over the years. I’ve already gone to numerous dermatologists to get it treated so it has subsided from severe to moderate acne. The last dermatologist told me I’ve tried everything. Well, that was helpful... I just want clear skin or at least as clear as I could go get. I really have bad acne especially during my period and most of them are retained in my chin, jaw and lower cheek area so I know it’s hormonal (doctor said the same thing). I have oily/combo skin and have rosacea as well so it can be sensitive. I’m very religious with skincare products and only use safe acne prone friendly skincare products. Oral Pills I’ve tried: Accutane (which helped the most, but i already finished the treatment plan) Birth Control pills Minocycline Spiro (on and off, worked to some effect but it disrupted by menstual cycle too much) Topicals I’ve tried: Clindamycin Aczone Retin-A (tried different %) combo of Retin A, Zinc and Azelaic Acid Epiduo (works the most but still does not clear me up, hurts my skin like hell too, leaves red patchy marks) Vitamins/Supplements I’ve tried: Vitamin A Zinc Probiotics Vitex Vitamin B Complex Hum clear skin I’m at a point where I’m really tempted to go back to birth control pills again but I’m afraid of messing with my hormones and undergoing the initial breakouts and side effects. I also think that this could just be a temporary solution. Any thoughts on this? I also heard that DIM but me another solution? Does this really work? Any help and advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!