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  1. So your saying that im most likely not going to break out with big zits all over my face?
  2. Well...I put some spray on tie shiner on my cars tires..and there was a slight breeze..and I think a light mist of it may have gotten on my face....If I wash my face and do dans regiment..will it prevent a break out from this?....Will washing my face tonight get the tire shine off before it does any damage? Or should I wash my face right away........
  3. I dunno if this post is in the right topic...but..... Does anyone ever notice that they get a little more acne when they are sick with something...such as a common cold?
  4. I have gotten 2 little white heads in the past few days or so....there really little....I have been clear for a long time......thanks to dans regiment...is it something im doing wrong in my regiment or daily life???? should I be worrying all that much about this?
  5. ok....... My dad never had acne.....My mom had acne in her teens then it went away in her early 20's....then when she was 29 and was pregnant with me her acne came back....and then after I was born it went away....and when she has her periods she gets a minor breakout....but when my younger brother was born...she didnt break out.....my grandparents on my dads side never had acne....but my uncle on my dads side had severe acne in his teens then it went away in his early 20's....Im a little confu
  6. I am 16 1/2 have had acne since I think 11 ..... It got bad when I was like 13 or so...When I was 13 I had zits all over my forehead...then at about 13 1/2 to 14 I started getting zits on my forehead annnnnnd my cheeks....and on my back...when I got about 15 my forehead started to get less zits but my back and cheeks still got zits.....when I got about 15 1/2 my forehead totally cleared up to 0 zits and redmarks...but my back and cheeks still got them....when I hit 16 the zits on my cheeks and
  7. Does oily skin age less quickly than normal skin? Also....does genetics determine how you age? if so...from who would you get these genetics from?....your parents or grandparents?
  8. Does alpha hydroxy lotions such as Eurcerin Renewal age the skin?
  9. Does BP damage the skin more than the sun?
  10. What will make your face age faster..... getting a dark tan during your teen years....or doing Dan's regiment threw your teen years?
  11. I have been on the regiment for almost a year.... I use Dan's BP gel and cetaphil gentle cleansing bar..... But everytime I wash my face is gets a little tight...not too tight but a little....and it flaks a little bit...its not serious flaking but there is some flaking....but when I moisturize all the flakyness goes away till I wash my face again....is this normal???? Also....when you wash your face...shouldnt you rub the soap in a little longer than 10 secs...cause I feel that if you only rub