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  1. Hey everybody! =) HavOcTRS8: Yeah, it's been a painfull year with the broken hand! But actually not that bad either;o Ah, hope your shoulderpain stops asap, can only imagine the pain:/ Well, my operation is today 10/12/2007, so wish me good luck, and I will give update asap A small update on my skin Very smooth, no actives and the redmarks starts to fade. I'm very happy at the moment No hard side-effects, and I hope it will stay that way. See you guys in a couple days Take care Kjelli
  2. Hej Mikael! It's good to read that you are clearing up. And I'm sure it will continue clearing up until the end of the cure;) I hope the back pains ain't to bad? Do you think they will go away, or do you need to lower the dose to get them away?? I really hope the pain will let go on you, so you can train in the gym and enjoy your life:D Btw, how are you doing on your Christmas-shopping?;p
  3. Hey HavOcTRS8! I just want to wish you the best of luck with the acccutane. I'm sure you will get good results, just be patient:D It's very smart to treat the muscles and joints with Omega 3, it really works! I'll check out your log now and then to see your progress! Take care
  4. Yo folks! HavOcTRS8, I hope your IB will go away soon, gluck with that And btw, I will keep in mind that you got tips and advice for me. So if I need them, I'll be in touch! ;p Hej Mikael As you know, I'm kinda nervous about this surgery, but I'm sure it will go fine. Hmm, yeah, the last ten months have been painfull for my hand, with training in the gym without even knowing that it was broken, well, that's no fun!;p And sudden pain attacks and numbness in my hand has been hard to handle. W
  5. Hey everybody! It's been a long time since my last update on this forum. And the reason is: my life is wonderfull! So I haven't been on the computer for week or so;D I'm back on the soccer field, school goes well and I'm having a great time with family and friends! My skin is a lot better, and it's not so dry anymore. And that goes for my lips and eyes too. I just hope this will last! =) The only thing that's bothering me is my surgery on december 10th:/ My left hand is broken, and
  6. Hey Mikael, good to have you back on the forum! Yeah, I won't get my hopes to high, cause I'm only on day 14 ;p But I'm more positive now then I was after 8 days:D So, we'll just have to be patient Damn, I understand you have very dry lips! But as you said, it's the accutane working in your body =) But the back pains are sad, and I really hope you'll find a solution on that... Day 13 and 14 Well, not much to report about.. My skin is red, and kinda dry, but I got a new good moisturiser to dea
  7. Day 11 Evening update: Okey, this day was very good! No pain in my face, and only 2 small active whiteheads ;p The only negative thing was that I got very dry skin during the evening, well well, it wasn't so bad And the date went perfect, so I was very happy! But I was also a bit scared about getting a new breakout cause I went to sleep pretty late, 07.00AM! Day 12 Today I woke up 16.00 or 04.00PM ;p Belive me I was scared to look in the mirror, but when I finally did, I got a positive su
  8. Hello Tricia=) I'm sure accutane will help you get clear skin, even if the accutane journey can be hard some times, the end result is often great=D So I wish you good luck and I will follow your progress trough this log
  9. I wish you the best of luck Barcap! I'm sure you'll get good results on Accutane!=D I'll check out your log to see your progress! So take care!
  10. Day 11 Morning update: Woke up with 2 new very small whiteheads, you can't actually see them, unless you are up in my face! And that's positive The other zitz are healing well, and my skintone is more healthy now =D And that's great, cause I'm going on my fourth date with the most beautiful girl! So I really hope I won't break out during the day The side-effects are still the same, dry all over the place!;p Will come back later with an update! Until then, take care!
  11. Thank you so much for those positive words Caseyjane222 and Pigsley It's good to know that I'm not the only one with skinproblems =) I get inspiration from your words, and they are really helping me on my way to beautiful skin Thanks And Malevolent, I agree with you, Arsenal lost two great players in Henry and Ljungberg, the youngsters are doing great! I'm so pleased about their performances in Premier League and in Champions League at the moment! Fagbregas is great, and I think he will be
  12. I really have to say that I admire your attitude!=) You are one of a kind! The world would be a much better place if everyone had the same attitude as you! And I really belive that me, and many others can learn from you! So I just have to wish you the best of luck, and I'm sure that you will get great skin! Take care!=)
  13. Sad to hear that things ain't going so well... All you can do is try to stay positive, accutane will help eventually:) I'm experiencing a bad IB now, and I'm on day 10 of my roaccutan course, so I feel like crap.. But things will be better in the end! Just keep up, and I'm sure your skin will look great in a little while! Take care!=)
  14. Your skin looks great Casey! I'm so glad to see that tane is working for you! And your log is great to! =) Keep the positive attitude, and just enjoy your beautiful skin"