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  1. Twice daily is highly recommended. Once daily is not. Be sure to take with a fatty meal.
  2. Hey man, just read your post. Hoping I can add some value here as a second (soon to be third) time user of isotretinoin and a clinical research professional. First, being terrified is OK. You don't need to be--but that doesn't matter. Use the anxiety to do good things with your isotretinoin regimen. Let it motivate you to buy the right products (little more below), try to avoid alcohol, drink plenty of water, and exercise within limits. There are very practical and useful tips I can offer. A
  3. Holy shit. I was just talking about this over the weekend. I was on Accutane twice, most recently last summer. About 160 mgs daily for 6 months. With the second course I had, I developed tingling/itching on my left scapula (shoulder blade). I pretty much have it every day. I literally have back scratchers in my office and my house..it's more of an annoyance than anything, but what the fuck? Just such an odd side effect because it is so super specific to like, a square inch of my shoulder.
  4. Are you going to die? Some day, yes, much like the rest of us, but it certainly won't be from drinking grapefruit juice with isotretinoin. I think what you are referring to would be the interaction of grapefruit juice and certain drugs that are metabolized by Cytochrome P450. Isotretinoin does not fall into this category. So, you are fine.
  5. Let's see. You spelled "weighs" "ways"....and who said IIIIIIII would give him 120 mgs? I said my doctor would. Please try to do a LITTLE thinking before you respond.
  6. That is high, but it isn't a heart attack waiting to happen. Just ask for a copy of your labs.
  7. Cumulative dose is still a bit controversial with isotretinoin; however, a typical/traditional treatment regimen would be for 4-6 months at .5 mg/kg (at least) daily. If it were my physician, the course would look something like this for you: Month 1 - 30 mg Month 2 - 60mg Month 3 - 80mg Month 4 - 100 mg Month 5 - 120 mg Month 6 - 120 mg Yes, it is quite aggressive, but that's just what my doctor likes. Is your doctor wrong? Not sure, but he does seem quite cautious, and I would be ca
  8. Is there a reference that you can direct us to, in order that it can be established whether your statement is factual or not, with regard to the scientific proof you have mentioned? I think they were kidding. No, Accutane is not a reason for your small penis.
  9. There is no difference! Holy shit this is frustrating!. What can't people realize about how a product lifecycle??? You have R&D, patents, licenses, etc. This all costs a LOT of money (400 million to 1 billion) for a pharmaceutical company (including the loss on the 999 compounds out of 1000 that don't make it to market--and this is not an imbelishment--this is actual fact). That is why the price is so high for a brand. The price is low(er) for a generic because allllllll of those things are
  10. In about 3 months, you will look back at your post and realize that it was all just part of the process. Sounds cliche, but things typically get worse before they get better. Hang in there.
  11. Give it a bit more time. 7 days isn't much. With that being said, you are correct. Your dosage for .5 mgs/kg would be 40 mgs/daily and that could go up to 160 mgs daily if your doctor is so inclined. We are the same weight, and I started off on 40, then 80, then 100, then 120, then 140 for the last 2 months.
  12. Most people, from a clinical trial perspective, DON'T get one, statistically speaking. However, it seems that most people on acne.org DO get one. It tends to be about a 10 percent chance.
  13. What on earth kind of pseudoscience is this? God love the interweb!