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  1. Hi everyone. I am about 10 days into a low-carb diet to help my acne. About how long into this diet should I expect results if the low-carb diet will help my face? So far I haven't seen much of a difference Thanks.
  2. Hi! I was just prescribed Oracea and I am using it with topical retin-a at night. I am not 100% if I have rosacea or not. Has anyone had success with Oracea? Thanks!
  3. Please, can someone please give me feedback on ideas to get rid of the redness/oiliness?
  4. I appreciate your comments so far-- but is there anyone else who can give me some ideas?
  5. Have you tried a sensitive skin care line like Aveeno. Their Ultra Calming Face Wash is nice. I use Purpose (Johnson & Johnson) myself. It's soap-free and hypoallergenic. It sounds like the topicals you use might be irritating your skin. I DEFINITELY don't think you should get Accutane... But yea. Try out some sensitive skin care products and see how that goes for a month. Aveeno also has a lotion to go along with that cleanser. I like Complex 15 moisturizer for myself but it's not for eve
  6. If anyone can tell me what they think is wrong with my skin-- clearly is it not good-- but it seems to be "different" than most other people's acne. My skin is highly sensitive, shiny at all times, and overall just looks messy all the time with or without foundation. I don't get too many inflamed breakouts except for on either side of my chin. I always seem to have inflammed acne only on my chin. My forehead is generally fine, but my cheeks are always red and have consistent small bumps all
  7. I would never whine because a bunch of idiots absolutely meaningless in my life would not socialize with me if I don't drink. I have enough confidence and self-respect not to care for something so meaningless.
  8. I can't see the problem because I don't see how eating different foods is less socializing. For example even people who eat junk food when going at the restaurant, they don't order the same dish. Usually each person order a different dish. And yet eating together is still an act of socialization. So really I can't see the difference between your friends drinking a beer and you drinking a tea and your friends having a dessert and you a fruit salad. There's no difference at all and you should tell
  9. Yeah, this is all good advice. The other day I was out with a friend and she asked if I wanted to split some cheese fries. I was like, "errr, I don't eat dairy." She asked if I was lactose intolerant? No. Do I have IBS? No. I just didn't know what to say. But I would like to treat this internally and I think especially if I start seeing results, eating like a weird person won't bug me as much, because I'll just be content that I don't have spots all over my face.
  10. Hi! I have been really inspired by different things I've read about the diet + acne link, and lately I have been avoiding dairy completely, and trying to avoid sweets/wheat as much as possible. So far, I have to be honest, I haven't seen great results. My skin seems less red and irritated, but I'm still breaking out. I'm trying to give it more time. But, this diet is VERY hard to follow while also having a social life. My boyfriend is a drinker, and I hate not being able to drink with him.