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  1. dermatologist precribed me clindamycin phosphate for the morning and retin-a micro gel at night but i stopped using them because they made me reallly oily! is that ok since im still using bactrim?

  2. heyy i got prescribed bactrim to im on day eight and have seen somewhat good results, i dont have bad acne id say light but i have ocd so i tend to overreact about alot hah i was just wondering how long till i see significant results?? and when you came off it did it make you break out worse?? ive heard that it can! just let me know the good details about this product please! oh an my derm

  3. Does anyone know of any matifying moisturizers that are actually cheap? All the ones I found seem to be over $30 and are in small bottles. I can't imagine it would last long if used on the face every morning. I'm think of something like Cetaphil that is like $10 and comes in a large bottle, but also has a matifying effect.
  4. If you have had it for this long I doubt its going to heal on its own. Most likely get worse over time. You definitely are going to have to get the surgery done. The surgery may not be as bad for you if its smaller than what mine was. It could theoretically just take 2 weeks for you to be back in tip top shape. The longer you wait i'm sure the bigger its going to get. Mine was filled with a ton of hair my doctor said. So if I waited longer I'm sure more hair would just keep accumulating i
  5. I believe that Doxy is stronger than Mino. Antibiotics will work differently for people so just because Mino didn't work doesn't mean Doxy won't either. I'm sure if this doesn't work after a month either you'll get your precious accutane.
  6. Yikes oh man this thread just reminded me of the worst time of my life...PILONIDAL CYST I had one about 4 years ago and had the surgery done. I got stitched up and the doctor said i'll be all healed up in 2 weeks and that's when the stitches will be removed. So 2 weeks come up and I get the stitches removed and the doctor said he's never seen one of these wounds heal so perfectly before. I'm thinking...Awesome! I arrive home and look in the mirror to see what it looks like. I notice it act
  7. Why can't you just go back on minocycline?
  8. I suspect if the bactrim works for you your doctor will not put you on accutane, which could be a good thing. This is exactly what happened to me. I take 1 pill in the morning and 1 before I go to sleep. You don't have to take it with food unless it bothers your stomach for some reason.
  9. I know people say it takes at least a month to see results with antibiotics, but in my experience I see results always within 1 week. They also work much better for my body acne than on my face due to excessive oil. I still get little whiteheads that go away pretty quickly but good for keeping large cysts at bay.
  10. Solodyn worked horrible for me. I had an inital breakout from it and one of the cysts left a mark on my face. I would inquire about another antibiotic called bactrim when you see your doctor.
  11. Hey penelope, I was on doxy for a month and it started working within a week for me. I had no initial breakout but it seems like almost every acne product out there says there may be an initial breakout. I would keep taking the pills, I'm sure you will clear up within a week.
  12. Yeah its just another antibiotic that kills bacteria and I'm pretty positive that acne will come back after taking it. The difference with this drug is that it is actually keeping me clear whereas other antibiotics failed. It has had no effect on oil production in my experience. I plan on taking this drug as long as I can since I have not experienced any side effects so far. I see alot of people here seem be against taking long term antibiotics but to me its worth it as long as it keeps me
  13. Smckay, I've had the same experience as you. I have tried Mino/Doxy which would only work for about 2 weeks and then I would become resistant. I was about to go on accutane when I went to a new doctor and got prescribed Bactrim, which is another antibiotic. I've been on it for about 3 months and I'm still pretty clear. My body acne is completely gone but I still get a few tiny ones now and then on my face due to it being so oily. I would definitely ask the doctor for this before trying acc
  14. Yeah Adam I would definitley say it is the 2nd line of defense. I was on accutane years ago and it worked great while I was on the treatment but as soon as I stopped it slowly all came back worse than ever. Accutane also gave me incredibly dry eyes and lips. I don't think my eyes ever fully recovered since the treatment because they are always dry. I was about to go on another treatment of accutane recently but my doctor wanted me to try bactrim first. The only problem now is that my face i
  15. It's time to join the 21st Century, dear. Dryness of the skin doesn't have any influence on sebaceous glands in producing oil. The glands produce oil on a steady basis (set by various hormonal factors), without regard to how much oil is already on the surface of the skin. .