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  1. I know that they say there's no difference, but there is a difference between (other) generics and original medications. Is this the case with Accutane and Roaccutane also? I switched about a month ago and I noticed how my skin has gotten more oily. I was taking 10mg of Accutane fior about 4 months and the oilyness decreased by a lot, then switched to Roaccutane 20mg every 2 days (insurance issues) and I can tell there is a difference, I even got a pimple a week ago, I never had one during A
  2. I have the same problem. My eye doctor told me to use baby shampoo on my eyes in the mornings and before bed; it does help.
  3. I tried it and it make my oily skin even oilier and broke me out.
  4. A little update. I called Reviva but unfortunately got no response. However, I have been using it and even though it's not that good keeping my skin free of oil, it's amazing with whiteheads and bumps. I used to have hormonal acne (along my jawline just before my period), and this cream made me 100% clear in less than 2 weeks. It's started working the next day and by the next week, I didn't have a single bump on my jawline. I had also been using Paula's BHA and Mandelic, so I stopped using this
  5. I have very oily skin with very stubborn blackheads, so I decided to give this a try. But I've never used a separate exfoliator and I know that the liquid BHA is kinda strong, so how should I be using it? I wash my face with baby shampoo (eyelids only) and a gently cleanser. I also use 12% mandelic acid and green cream (retinol). My skin doesn't get flaky anymore but I'm afraid the BHA can make my skin too dry and break me out.
  6. busterbluth, Have you compared it with Kiss my face's Pore shrink mask? I love KMF's mask so I'm not sure if I should try it?
  7. I tried it last night and today my skin is considerably less oily. It feels kinda messy and sticky but since it's a night cream (more like a thick mousse) it's not a big deal. It also has a very intense smell, very citrusy; not bad but really strong. This morning I woke up and my skin wasn't perfectly matte but oil wasn't pouring out of my pores. During the day, I could tell the difference, my skin felt great even in the 100+ degree very humid day. The huge problem for me is that cod liver is l
  8. >.> What's it supposed to be used for?
  9. Alice, I also had adult acne and a couple of months ago I started using Green Cream 6 and Mandelic Acid and my skin has improved dramatically. My skin wasn't covered with acne in the first place, mostly under my jawline and forehead, particularly my jawline was constantly covered with huge red bumps (not whiteheads). I noticed a significant improvement in a couple of week and now I don't have a single pimple. I had tried several treatments and nothing had worked until now. I don't know whether i
  10. I'm using Green Cream and Mandelic acid which are controlling my hormonal acne. However because my skin is clearer now, my huge pores are more noticeable. Actually they're between ice-pick scars and large pores, very deep holes that my my skin saggy. To make matters worse, I have oily skin so my skin has a "waxy" complexion all the time. So my skin literally looks like an orange peel. Is there any viable treatment that can improve my overall complexion, or smooth out my pores somehow?
  11. Where can I buy that? I went to Walgreens and CVS and I couldn't find it anywhere
  12. I just wanted to thank LionQueen for this thread and also praise Mandelic Acid + Green Cream. I didn't break out very often, probably 3-4 red bumps a month but they used to get really big and leave red marks that took forever to fade. I think I had hormonal acne because about two years ago I started to develop the acne mostly on my jawline and on the sides of my forehead, really large red bumps. So about 6 weeks ago I started to use Green Cream and Nucelle mandelic serum and the difference has b
  13. kkass


    It works great for me. I get the occasional whitehead or bump every week, and I can't use topical treatments because somehow my skin absorbs them and the next day my tiny pimple looks like a huge zit. So I use Zeno and after a couple of treatments, the pimple starts to heal. My skin is extremely sensitive so it gets really red after using Zeno, but I put some concealer on that area and the redness is gone. You should use it at least 3 times a day for it to work.