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  1. I think yours is different from my account. It's probably cuz you're a veteran member!

  2. Right under "Welcome back" there is "my menu" click on it then click on "my controls" after that look for change my display name! It has to be above change my password thinggy!

    Unless your account is different than mine? idk i hope it works xoxo :)

  3. I can't find a box that says "Change My Display Name." All I see is "Change Passwords" and a whole load of other stuff. I tried to look for it under all the stuff that falls under "Personal..." but there is nothing related to name change.

  4. First go to "my menu" which is your menu lol but it's called "my menu" after that click my controls then look for change display name if you find that just type your user name and add the heart! hope it works now :D

  5. I can't find it unfortunately :( Oh, and thanks for pasting that little heart, it saves me time for going on to Character Map!

  6. Rawr lol i love your avatar ♥ all you do is go to my controls and then look for change display name..after that paste the heart right at the end of your user name or you can make a new one :) if don't work let me kno

  7. How'd you add the little heart in your name?

  8. I miss the mood thinggy we used to be able to change our mood it was really cool how can we have it back?? Please get it back i like it so muchhh !!
  9. My favorite over-the-counter product is oxy soap bar 0.5% salicylic acid i rate it 8 out of 10 It's the best soap bar i have ever used for my face So what's your favorite product???
  10. Your face looks great I have a few questions though 1-Do you still break out sometimes or you are always 100% clear? 2-Do you eat junk food,fast-food,sugary foods or did you cut them out of your diet? 3-Do you know anybody else that used this product and it worked for them? I also break out on the cheeks, and im really considering this product...so please answer my questions!!! Thank you
  11. Im taking B5 suplements and i must say that it's been helping alot and my acne is alot worse than yours so i suggest you to try it and see what happens Also it looks like you have some red marks left, so i think a skin peel would do the trick. Good luck
  12. WOW im so happy for you Your skin looks perfect to me!!! I have some questions though: 1)Did you use anything else during the 5 months? 2)Did you ever get any cysts? 3)If you did use any other product during the 5 months,what were they? My acne is moderate and from your pictures i think my acne is a lot lighter than your acne used to be so i think i should give this product a try You brought me hope, thanks for sharing! CONGRATS