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  1. Thanks @beautifulambition - you're right, I am frustrated right now. I completely agree with you that this scarring treatment ordeal is like weightlifting / fitness - it won't happen overnight, and these doctors promise the world when improvement must be taken slowly and carfully. Regarding my predicament - It looks like a sunburn where the RF device was used. Which is uncommon for me, because I don't normally burn even when I don't wear sunscreen (although I do wear it for prevention purpo
  2. I had RF microneedling about one year ago, and saw minimal results with it. Recently, like an idiot I spent a week out in the sun without wearing proper sunscreen. Now that I'm back home, I notice that my skin is hyperpigmented / red in the same pattern that the RF device was used. There are distinct lines between non-treated skin and treated skin that I can see visibly from a foot away from the mirror. I have type 4 brown skin. Why does this skin tan differently from the rest of the skin? I tho
  3. Did you take these pics with a potato? Throw some better pictures up with angled lighting, and the folks here can give you advice
  4. @gynoscar gotcha, that seems to be an expected side effect of tca cross. Did you feel happy with the improvement afterwards? The thing about phenol cross is that only rullan performs it haha. That makes it hard to find other specialists. Not sure why more people dont try phenol
  5. @gynoscar how was your tca cross experience with mamleak? Besides the ridiculous cost, did you see any improvement, and did he target all the scars you wanted him to hit?
  6. Thanks for following up. Your scars are very shallow, so not sure if tca cross or tca paint is better technique. Does he know about the paint method? (applying lower concentration tca multiple times to shallower boxcar scars) I've never heard of sublative laser, so can't give advice on that. But microneedling is very safe and usually affordable. Not a bad idea to do it, either at home or with a doctor. @beautifulambition can advise more on this Keep us posted on what you deicde to do!
  7. @BunnyEars thanks for the reply and thorough review of your experience. All in all, it seems like he is pretty competent and willing to use manual methods (Even though you mention he did push laser earlier on). I think time will tell with your current subcision, as results should keep improving - if you see improvement in just a month and a half, it should continue to get even better. I think it's honest that he didn't subcise near the eyebrow, since that is a dangerous area (risk of blindness,
  8. @BunnyEars how was your experience with Dr. Mamelak? Does he seem knowledgable, skilled, and honest?
  9. I've never had Dr. Lim as my doctor, but from his online presence, he seems genuine and trying to move the field (scar revision dermatology) forward. He generally shares as much as he can, advocates manual methods over instrumentation, and constantly tries to learn more. And like @Obi wan says, he routinely recommends other doctors over himself, and is not trying to commercialize his medical practice. I think tryinhard is just a spam account trying to take down his reputation. If you really ha
  10. @foxygoddess There's a chance of making things worse with anything - you could not properly disinfect the dermastamp and give yourself an infection... but if you really care about fixing your scars, then you will do the properly studying / reading and either find a profesionnal or take things into your own hands. As I've said, I think you should find a counselor, as seeking perfectionism is a sign of something else. Once the scars go away, you may focus on another physical issue and get obsess
  11. @foxygoddess To answer your earlier question - yeah, dermastamp is just microneedling, but DIY with a manual instrument. Although for you, I would say a large component is psychological. I hope you don't take this the wrong way, but coming from a cis heterosexual guy, I think you're super cute and would definitely ask for your number if I met you in person. What I'm trying to say is that your problems are not physical -- consider finding some hobbies to distract you or take up therapy to get
  12. IMO, don't do anything to your skin. Your scars are minor, and you're a good looking woman - nobody will notice. Too much risk of messing things up further for very little gain. If it's really messing with you psychologically, then maybe consider dermastamping at home slowly, and see if that helps.
  13. @shei514 Thank you for updating us. You've made really good progress, and from what I can tell, your boxcar scars have softened, and your skin texture looks more even. Obviously there is more room to improve, but also should be happy with the progress you've made. Re: the mental component - I agree with you and have felt the same feeling of being so preoccupied with the thought of my skin that I forget to be present and enjoy my life. It's a shame, because I guarantee it nobody else thinks
  14. @Pearl1983, BA has given good advice, but I just wanted to jump in here and say that you should FIRST get your active acne under control. I see you are still breaking out, and trying to "fix" scars without first addressing the inflammation from current acne is a fool's errand. Please take a look at your diet, and lifestyle - for me personally, cutting down oils, increasing vegetables (cruciferous and leafy greens in particular), maintaining a frequent exercise regimen (sweating), and reducing
  15. Grids from intracel lasted quite a while for me, several months for sure - but they faded with time. How visible are the grids to other people? It may be that you are zooming in way too much in the mirror - if so, don't worry, they will fade