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  1. @Ludadubz yeah im doin fine still takin my accutane , so yeah a few months back i got those big deep nodular acne one after the other, so id get one and when it healed id get another on the other cheek, i got like 4 in a row. this was because i was fully stressed out by my job and boss and i was getting little to no sleep mon to fri. so for me, even on low dose accu if i stress and get bad sleep it still triggers acne. so while i had those nasty cysts i upped my accutane dose like 2-3 times the
  2. @Ludadubz i did not have an initial breakout, probably around a month or two in i stopped getting any more acne. i was scared of going on accutane as well and put it off for ages, i lived with acne for like 3 years, 3 years no self esteem, no confidence, then after visiting the derm overseas he really changed the way i thought about accutane, it was no longer some scary life threatening drug to me anymore. so yeah i was like screw it, if heaps of ppl are doin this then might as well man up. i
  3. @Ludadubz let me go over the sex drive side effect in more detail from my experience as i think this is if not one of the most important factors for guys still on the fence for accutane. Ive been on it for 3 years and i can confidently say that it has not had a big enough impact on my sex drive for me to stop or even consider stop taking it. i would think i have med-high sex drive, the only part accutane affected me was only sometimes after i took a 20mg pill, the following day like i could fee
  4. yeah the derms in us and aus are more reluctant and cautious to giving out accutane, but i guess the normal full course accutane treatment is quite intense i would presume, i never asked about low dose treatments in the states or aus. But in Taiwan, where im living now i just walk into any derm and say im on low dose accutance treatment and im outta accutane, need another 3 boxes of 20mg and they just go ok here you go. btw (1x20mg pill (roche brand) is $2.8USD) so its like 5 bucks a week for
  5. Hi the reason I'm sharing this is because there is close to no info on the web regarding low dose, long term Accutane treatments. i figured i would share my story and info and offer some insights. Background info (you can skip reading this if you want) So basicly started having mild/moderate acne since 2009/2010 (i was 18 then) mild/moderate acne. First year of Uni (2010) i ate like crap, kfc and mcdonalds every meal for literally a whole year. Im not even kidding every meal for a year i ate