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  1. I have Karatosis Pilaris on my arms and my thighs (I guess you can get it on your thighs, it looks like i do). Ive had this for as long as i can remember now. (I also had facial acne for 8 years until i took the tane which pretty much wiped it out.) I just recently (right now) thougth that it may be the soap that I use. Of course, ive used many different brands of soap over the years, but all have had similar/same ingredients, some of which were sodium laureth/lauryl sulfate and sodium tal
  2. To answer your question about the black heads, yes you will be able to remove them. I rememeber my blackheads were the first thing to go whilst on accutane. The best thing to do is to get a scrub (i prefer st. ives gentle) and use it on your nose (blackheads). This will remove the blackheads that are being "pushed" out... hope this helps.. 2SG
  3. Yes, you should be able to. You will need to go to the derm to set it all up. If they suggest tetracycline or minocycline, tell them you really want accutane. If you have to, say youve had acne for like 5-8 years (even if you havent). I really did have acne for almost 9 years before i went, so when i did i just told them. 2SG
  4. Hey all, its been a while since i posted (month or 2), so i thought i would update my accutane experience. Let me just say, that it definitely is a life changer. Im turning 21 tomorrow (Whoohoo), and I now have the confidence to go out and do shit. Before (last year) I would sulk around my apartment, depressed, not wanting to do ANYTHING. There were times when i would miss class and not go out for days at a time. It was VERY unhealthy, and believ me i hated doing it. Well, I just finished
  5. hey aznboi, now im confused. I have aetna (ppo) insurance (well, my parents do) and we are paying $228 for the exact thing you just described. What brand are you getting? mine are sotret, not that that should matter a whole lot. As for the insurance, im not sure how it works, but do you pay like the first $1000 then they pay $2000, etc.? if its not the insurance, could it be the drug store we go to?? 2SG
  6. Day 17: side effects: dry face, dry lips So, thats it? yep, the only side effects I am experiencing are those two. I dunno if ive had an initial breakout or not, but because my face was already bad, it would have broken out no matter what. Now i just hope that the breakouts ive had since starting will not come back, or will at least slowly go away for good. I have technically 3-4 active spots, but becaus ive been picking ( i know, bad bad), i dont have any, just red marks from them. Summar
  7. OK, day 6 (I think) and my face is getting pretty dry. The area around and in my nose is probably the most tender. My lips arent that bad yet, but ive been using lip stuff anyway just to make sure. I had 2 spots try and come up, but they never surfaced and appear to be going down already. As well, I had a spot that was already there that turned into a whitehead, except instead of being a big looking thing that will burst any moment, it looked like it had already been there for 3-4 days and h
  8. Day 5 of 40 mg, and surprisingly only 1 side effect, and that is slight peeling of the skin. My face is just now starting to feel sensitive around my nose (peeling the most on top of my nose). My lips are fine, and nothing else to report... 2SG
  9. Angelo, you are right in that I was advocating the natural way to get rid of my acne, but after trying SEVERAL things, i feel its time to try accutane. For the past 1.5 months my face has been pretty bad, far worse than when i was 16-18 (im now 20). My acne is not only getting worse, but my overall quality of skin is detereorating (sp?). Bigger pores, more under surface spots, blotchyness, etc. etc. Nothing natural has worked or has even improved my skin in the slightest. 2SG
  10. Ive seen several people say they are starting (within the past week or so) accutane, and since I started today, we can post our progress here. Im taking 40 mg once a day. Feel free to share your dosage, time of day you take it, etc. as well as any side-effects you might be having. 2SG
  11. Thanks for the replies. I dunno honestly why ive never been to a derm. My parents to this day still say that "your acne isnt that bad." Now, i dunno what they're used to, but holy crap are they wrong. They think that I can just go about a normal day without any problem, but thats not so. Thats why ive kinda told them in the past week or so that its worse and its making me feel bad, so I NEED to go to the derm. ive missed out on so many opportunities because of my acne, but no one really kn
  12. Ok, 8 years of acne and I am FED up. I'm becoming bi-polar because of it. You know what i mean, one day fine because my face only has a few spots, then the next week im depressed, irritable, and all around in a bad mood. I probably havent even tried as many things as people who've had acne for less time, but get this, ive NEVER been to the derm. The only doctor i went to was my regular MD, and even then it wasnt just for my face. So, after BP, diet, (lots of) water, minocyclin, and retin-a,
  13. How did you not follow the regimen exactly? Do you mean you arent putting it all over your face? You said you are putting it just on the spots, and that is exactly what I would and am doing. I tried Dan's reg. before but got mixed results. Now im just washing with water, using the bp, and applying a moisturizer. I've seen tremendous results in just 4-5 days. the red spots are literally being "burnt" down, and new acne is subsiding. I didnt think bp would work for me, but it seems to be do