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  1. Day 42 Skin: Still breaking out. I seem to be getting weekly injections just to keep this stuff down which is freaking ridiculous. Im also getting spots in new areas like near the mouth and under the chin. Side Effects - Dry lips, possible fatigue but I tend not to sleep alot and some back pain but again, I always have back pain. I may be also getting "drier" eyes but I can still wear contacts just fine. Maybe in a few weeks Ill switch to glasses. Other: I want this IB/acne to be done. T
  2. Day 40 Skin: still breaking as usual. I really dont think accutane is working at the moment - maybe i need to start using the brand name vs the generic. who knows. I am glad that my derm and I came to an agreement and I will jumping up to 80mg a day next month. I am looking forward to that. Side effects: Dry lips and fatigue. I have a question - do girls care about guys with acne. I just dont know what to do. Although my acne isnt that bad, it still displays some big zits and I have marks
  3. Just a quick comment on your blood test - dont ever eat before getting your blood drawn as the food that you intake can affect your results if the food is eaten within some number of hours before the test. In my experience, I always get my blood drawn in the morning without eating breakfast and making sure to not eat after 10PM the night before and I rarely if ever have had an issue.
  4. I was given my scripts before my bloods tests were done but I couldnt pick up the accutane until the derm saw the results and went into the iPledge system to do whatever derms do. I think blood tests are pretty important, esp considering how much stress accutane puts on your body, esp your liver. Maybe ask why your derm doesnt consider them necessary and if your really worried, you can just go to a GP and get blood tests every month to make sure eveyrthing is on the up and up.
  5. Day 36 Skin: Still breaking out - got a couple of new ones today. One is near the side of my mouth, another one is near the side of my eye - both of them suck. I also got a handful of cysts that I got injected yesterday. Two were on my right cheek with one of them near my jaw and three were on the left side on my temple, lower cheek and mid cheek - I basically could play connect the dots with them. I hate these cysts cause even if I get them injected, they tend to stick around and/or regenera
  6. naturalgirl - I will let you know if I figure anything out about those lil bumps. They are a frustrating as anything arent they? elvy - thanks for the suggestions. I got some Cerave today which I will begin using. I was always suspicious of the Aveeno cause it didnt seem to help and I started getting all these lil bumps while using it. Maybe they will go away now that Ima so using the Aveeno. Onto the exciting (not) updates: Day 32 Skin: More actives but thats par for the course on accutan
  7. Heres hoping that accutane works for you. Also, isnt acne so weird that it flares up so quickly? I swear I was clear for a year and then in a course of 2 weeks I got horrible acne again. In any case, heres hoping we are both clear for the summer.
  8. I know how you feel. Last weekend my face was doing ok and then bam i get a bunch of new spots/active acne. It sucks but such is life i guess. Well heres hoping you get cleared up soon and that accutane does the trick.
  9. if you have tried other things such as antibiotics and numerous derm prescribed creams/washes, then i think you may want to consider accutane. I would read the FAQ on accutane on this sight and be sure you know what to expect in terms of side effects. Also, realize that the iPledge system is a pain and that for females, you have extended waiting periods and more regulation than males.
  10. Been a while since my last post, mostly because I am trying to keep the ranting and raving to a minimum. I still hate my skin and wish I could trade it in but since thats not possible, ill keep on keeping on. Patti - thanks for the kind words. I guess I got to keep rememberin that this too shall pass. On to the updates: Day 31 I went to the doc expecting to be bumped up to 60mg or 80mg but instead he just reupped my 40mg script. I dont know how I feel about that. I really want to be bum