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  1. Alright, well i went to the doctor today, because hey, why not? And she prescribed me "Mupirocin", which is apparently a topical antibiotic. I also bought some blistex medicated lip ointment, and found some carmex lying around the house. Both of them have really helped with the pain of opening my mouth. The only problem now is that the Mupirocin wasn't exactly designed for use around the mouth...i think scientists got together and decided to create the most foul tasting medicine ever.
  2. Really not that dry at all, that cream does a great job, and ive definitely noticed a decrease in the oil, and everything on my face heals differently...the pimple goes away, and then a thin sheet of skin forms where it was, and that little bit just flakes off. But i was prepared for hella dry skin, and pleasantly surprised so far
  3. X3Kell3X, how long did it take to heal? I'm using cetaphil gentle cleanser, with cerave moisturizer (the cream version, it comes in a tub and its thicker) And I weigh about 165, and am on 60mg per day
  4. Oh, sorry about the wrong location. Thanks for moving it though!
  5. I started accutane about 23 days ago, and this is the first real side effect i'm experiencing. The sides of my mouth are splitting and dry, opening my mouth to eat is painful (and i love eating!). Vaseline, chapstick, moisturizer, they are all not good enough to thwart this pain. It started about a week ago, and even though i slather on the chapstick during the day and vaseline at night, the sides are still split and painful. Any suggestions for this? Also, any good products to deal with the ge
  6. I am currently on antibiotics, doxycycline 150mg, Finacea (azeliac acid) in the morning, and tazorac at night. My acne is not terrible, but pretty darn persistent. I've been on this regimen for 2 or 3 months now, and there hasn't been much improvement. The worst part is all of my PIH scarring on my cheeks, it makes my acne look so much worse! Do you guys think that switching to Finacea (azelaic acid, 15%) twice a day, and sticking with the antibiotics would help 1.) get rid of the acne faster
  7. Hey guys, my derm had me on DUAC and Tazorac for the longest time, but just recently switched me to "finacea, 15% azelaic acid" Will finacea and tazorac form a hyper-pigmentation, red-mark busting duo?? Or is finacea just a different medicine for the acne? and, anyone who has been on finacea, how much do you spread over your face? A pea-size? Thumb-size? Baseball-size?! WATERMELON SIZE?! jk.
  8. yes, i just started finacea, how much does one use? I'm used to using tazorac, where you only use a pea-sized drop, but finacea comes in a much BIGGER tube! so, how much do i use?
  9. Yeah, most people's faces are that way. Its called the "T-zone" that gets more oily than anywhere else. The "T-zone" is your nose, then forehead, which, if you just think about that, makes the letter T. Hope this helps.
  10. Immediately (think i used that word enough?) after cleansing my skin in the morning, and night, my skin is still really really shiny. The picture is about 5 minutes after i dry my skin off, and as you can see, it is very shiny. Even without moisturizer on, my skin is shiny, and gets very oily later on. What can i do to stop the shine? My acne isn't that bad, its just this darned shiny face of mine! (I didn't color on the picture, i just have really cool dark glasses, and elvis hair.) The Shini
  11. well i have to add, that i have been on DUAC and Tazorac for...about a year now, and i was clear at one point, around February, but not since then... What i do is -wash morning w/4%BP cleanser (prescribed by derm) -Duac -Moisturize -Mino pills -Night wash w/ 4%BP cleanser -Moisturize -Tazorac Any ideas?
  12. Thanks, will DUAC and antibiotics also help? (DUAC is BP and clindamycin) and i'm on minocycline 90mg, but haven't seen much improvement over the past month...
  13. This is right after cleansing and applying Tazorac... Right Side (yes, thats an eyelash...its gone now) Right Side Left Side Left Side Left Chin Left Chin Forehead Forehead
  14. If I take minocycline pills in the morning, and 5 grams of B5 at night, will they inter/counteract in anyway?