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  1. The c & c oil absorbing sheets do not cause acne, they lift the oil off your face and are absolutely wonderful :smile: I find that a great moisturizer for super oily skin is Aloe Vera
  2. I vote to use a SA wash once a day along with the BP. Adding SA to my routine helped me go from 75% clear with just BP to 95% clear. good luck to you!
  3. Ryan, Your skin will become used to the BP in time and the redness will diminish. Consider using Aloe Vera Gel after the BP twice a day to soothe your skin and provide a little bit of moisture. Aloe is an anitinflammatory. Good luck, and congrats on clearing!
  4. B5 supplements Aloe Vera Gel as moisturizer Clean & Clear Oil absorbing sheets
  5. yes, it seems to. I haven't had any huge zits since I've been swimming a few times a week.
  6. I've had no luck with ice or hydrocortizone, the best thing for me is BP applied frequently - this may or may not work, and yes it will be red, but it may not get huge... better to conceal a small red spot than a huge inflammed red spot. A combo of SA gel and BP seems to work well too. Good luck! sometimes theres nothing you can do but ride it out and use a good concealer
  7. Between supplements - Twinlab B5 and all the other supplements I have to take because of it , and cleansers and BP and SA - I'd say $50 per month and worth EVERY PENNY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Clear (or almost clear) skin is absolutely positively priceless.
  8. Yes, it helps. For me its not enough to fix my acne, but it does help, since much of my acne is hormonal.
  9. I agree with missionaryman, I used RetinA micro for 6 months, and my skin became red, irritated and oily, and I continued to breakout. Not good.
  10. Just like the above posters, B5 has helped to control my oil and breakouts, but its not an absolute cure. I saw good results after 3 or 4 months.
  11. I sometimes use C&C's salicylic acid gel sometimes for areas with clogged pores, its a leave on gel. I also wash with Salicyclic acid and BP. Leaving on the SA gel really does a remarkable job of unclogging small bumps, but it doesn't do too much for big red zits. I think, but wouldn't put money on it, that my red marks do go a way a little bit quicker too using the SA wash...
  12. Aloe is an anitinflammatory that soothes and moisturizes irritated skin. I use it as my moisturizer twice a day after cleansing and BP. I have less redness and my skin doesn't get too oily.
  13. No, it doesn't cause scars as far as I can tell, but red marks do linger a bit longer IMO...
  14. If your skins not too sensitive, you could apply a little bit of BP to your problem areas after your 5 PM shower. This is what I do if i have to get my face wet or washed off other than at my regular cleasing times...
  15. Just a thought... I find that salcyclic acid combined with BP shrinks most red bumps... also consider trying Aloe Vera Gel, its an antiinflammatory as well as a skin soother. Good luck to you!