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    iv always had atleast like 5 pimples on my face since grade 5....<br />iv tried all the stupid little pills and they didnt work<br /><br />so this summer i tried PROACTIVE which was THE WORST MISTAKE OF MY LIFE!<br />MY FACE LIKE BLEW UP IN ""NASTY PUSING MOUNTAINS"" or so others call them...<br />so my dermatoligist told me bout ACCUTANE...then i found out i had liver problems because of the blood tests for accutane...<br /><br />i got my liver fixed. and now im on ACCUTANE<br />I started the bigging of october so its been about 2 months now<br /><br />My face has gotten worse...and worse and worse... iv even goten into fights at school for calling me "Pimple face""which was imature but it pissed me of so what the fuck....<br /><br />PPL STARE....<br />AND STARE....<br />i look over my shoulder now pretty much expecting someone to look away from me quickly...<br /><br />PPL THINK I DONT WASH MY FACE AT SCHOOL<br />They think its my fault..... I FUKING HATE STUPID PEOPLE

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  1. i just looked at your photos... YOU LOOK GREAT! my acne looks just like what yours used to look like and i'm starting my accutane soon. i hope i have results as great as yours :) congrats!

    1. candycoated

      me now

      may 27 2008
    2. candycoated

      7 months

      ALOTA SCARS and some redness left
    3. I think you're very pretty, best of luck and keep us posted ; )

      1. that must suck! i got your back though

        1. candycoated

          accutane month 4

          accutane month 4
        2. Thanks Happy new year to u too

          its going good i still have breakouts but there not HUGE and all the swelling is totally gone :D

          now my cheeks are just red..

          ill take some new pictures so u can see if u want

          its been 3 months now and its already done that soo 3 more months and i know itll be gone

          1. plz don't pick or squeeze ur face. you will get scars. :'(

            good luck with the treatment. :)

            1. Omg you n me have same thing. glad to find u I ask my derma about accutance my not on yet but i did take blood test last week n my app to c my derma on this tuesday. so i'm very excitian about this after i read in this program. hopefuly it work on me too. I just sing up so everything is new on me I need to download some my pics to show u too. my pimples look just like u side red everything wel

              1. You are just behind me on accutane and just know the first couple months it does get worse. BUT, that is a sign it is working and it will get better!! Just hang in there!