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  1. I started about 4 days ago... and just now fig. it is way to soon to tell... and i have used 10%BP and nothing has happend and is there anyone to tell if you are allergic to any of the products... i know i will not be able to tell and def. do not want it to get worse.
  2. ok.. so today me and my mum went to Khols and i found this make up they also have cleansers and all it is called " Good Skin" and they have a whole line of stuff.. and i am right now using there cocelear and foundation.. they have Sylic acid in it.. and i hope it helps a it with the REgimen... and dose anyone use this make-up? Here is the website if you want to check it out and alll! http://www.goodskindermcare.com/templates/...ID=CATEGORY6769
  3. ok.. so started regimen and was just wondering is is supossed to get worse before it gets better.. i have alot of new pimples surfacing.... just wondering... and I am using Purpose face cleanse the pump kind and than on-the-spot and than complex 15 for mositure.... so ya.. maybe i am doing something wrong? I follow the Regimen........ AHH lol And when will it get beter? In a month or soo?
  4. ok.. so i finally got the stufff I am using Purpose Face Cleasner, the Neutra. on. the-spot for BP and than Complex 15 for lotion.. i really hope this works.. starting tonight and going to try it for a week and than will update with photos.. i hope this works.. this is kinda a last hope here....!!!! Wish me luck!!!!!
  5. ok.. so i am going to start the Regimen soon and just want to know what works best for y'all? I am going to try the Purpose Bar or wash and the neutragena on-the-spot treatment and than Complex 15 mosituer. I have oily skin and break out alot.... and just wanted to know what are th best drug store products that work well with the Regimen? Thanks!
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