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  1. if you like her.. just flat out flirt with her(who cares if there's guys around you.. your interests aren't in them) just put yourself in the girls shoes... girls like guys that make them feel -protected -smart -gorgeous also everyone likes feeling useful, don't do EVERYTHING for her -ask for favors(nicely) -if you take her out to eat, make them pay once an while (this makes them feel important) COMPLIMENT her ALOTT!!! who cares if its cheesy and she sees right through it.. it'
  2. i need somehwer to confide and i hope nobody minds me venting but i feel so empty... i hav days where everyone wants to chill with me but for days i cud go without talkin to a soul outside of family.. i jus feel so outside of it. i wish school started so i can see more of my friends. i still hang out alot but i still feel alone when they hav there own plans nd im not included.. also, id like to intertwine another question. how do i make a girl want me? i hang outwith girls nd i rly lik one of t
  3. good, its good to kno im not the only one with these crazy emotions
  4. hi everyone, i used to post here frequently but hav been busy the last couple of months. anyways, im pretty clear now but im going through an emotional rollercoaster. i was jus at the beach the other day wit these 2 guys and 2 girls nd we had a fun time but then wen i got home, i didnt want it to end. the next day, all i kept thinkin about was how much fun i had and how i wish i cud have that type of fun everyday. also, to add on to that, i always want to be talking to someone to make me feel go
  5. stretch marks suck. i got them on my arms
  6. hi guys, i have alot of leg hair and most of the boys at my school shave there legs and such and i want to but shaving is a pain so i was just wondering if anyone has used any of the nair hair remover products and do they work? nair hair remover for men, btw.
  7. i found that out during my last days of havin acne and right when i did, my face cleared. some ppl wud notice but they rly didnt care
  8. how does weightlifting casue acne? i lift intense and my skin is clear
  9. honestly, im not going to lie, a girl having to much acne is kinda a turn off but not to much especially like my friends who make fun of girls for having acne, I DONT tho. if she has a bangin body tho, fuck the acne
  10. well it doesnt affect me and i cant stop mastubrating
  11. this is pissing me off, dude, go on accutant... your afraid of the fucking side effects??????? you know how many ppl would lvoe to get there hand son accutant and you have it but are to afraid of minor side effetcs? excuse me but stop being a bitch and go on it
  12. bro, accutant is the cure. fuck the side effects!!! just go on it, goddamn it