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  1. I am in similar situation. Got through almost same life with your story about high school, college and early stage of career except I haven't quit my job yet. A good salary doesn't compensate for pain that came from severe acne/scarring. If I haven't suffered from severe scarring, my life would be very close to ordinary people's definition of "success." For a recent year, I've managed not to think about skin at work, or at any place that I hang around a group of people. However whene
  2. I agree with Candy Says. Your scars are literally not severe. At least, those scars don't affect your beauty. You look very attractive although you have mild scars. I truly mean it. Anyway, did you take these pictures with DSLR or mirrorless camera? If so, could you tell me the model and the lens attached to it? I am considering to buy one to take my scar pictures, and share them on this forum.
  3. Hello, mate! We will meet within a week in the worldcup. I mean.. if you support your national team... Anyway I want to say you will clear up in the future. I keep saying this on this forum. From my experience, I believe severe acne is caused by hormone. Because I had severe acne on my teenage, and I cleared up when I entered my uni. But in the freshman year, I got severe injury on my left kidney, and severe acne relapsed. A few years later, I cleared up again. And 2 years ago, I got treatm
  4. Did you have low FSH and LH levels? I don't remember the detail. I think the doctor didn't tell me about it, or I forgot.
  5. Haha, I understand. I was also interested in stuffs like how our body is working with hormone, or concepts like negative feedback in the biology textbook. Yes, the treatment was successful in the term of raising testosterone. I took the pills for two months as I remember. But it caused a lot of side effects like cardio problems other than just acne and acne scarring issues. I don't know he found a cause for my symptoms, but testosterone didn't fall down after the treatment.
  6. Yes, I am sure I was not given the pills for my kidney. I had testosterone problems, and those pills were given for the hormone problem. The urology doctor didn't think I had a problem in the kidney functioning. Oh, I searched it on Google, and according to Wikipedia, it's non-steroidal medication. The pills are called Clomifene. Other doctor I visited told me the pills were steroidal, so should be prescribed to the patients very carefully. But it seemed that it's non-steroidal. Thank you for
  7. Red marks will go away within months or a year. Or if you visit dermatologist, it will be gone more quickly. Just red marks, not dented scars or textural changes, will be gone in the end. Don't worry. You will get back clear face again :-)
  8. Well, actually I can't say I overcame acne because I am suffering from acne scarring now. Anyway, good to hear that. :-) Acne will gradually decrease and will be gone naturally. Good luck!
  9. Considering my personal experience, severe acne is caused by extra sebum which depends on hormone. I had severe acne thru my whole teenage. But it cleared up in my freshman year of university. But I got severe injury on my left kidney. Since then, severe acne relapsed horribly. A few years later, it cleared up again. I got steroid prescription 2 years ago for my lack of testosterone, which I guess might have been caused by kidney injury. Anyway at that time, doctor didn't tell me what he was gon
  10. Wow, congratulations! As a Korean, I feel great you got a satisfactory result! Would you mind telling me which clinics you went? Anyway, if you like a historical and traditional stuffs, I'd like to recommend you to visit Gyeongju next time. It's located on the east-southern area of Korea, so it will take hours from Seoul. Thank you in advance...!!
  11. i guess the image came from here Edit By Mod Search if you want for : New York Social Diary Microdroplets of silicone, ... this procedure can cause harm.
  12. Wow... Actually I also thought before/after pictures were mostly cheating with light and angles. But this picture is amazing. Although light is a bit changed since we can notice it looks a bit reddish in the after picture. (It's not because of temporary swelling. It's because the different type of light has been cast. Since we can see the area right under the eye, which would never been lasered, also looks reddish.) So, technically this picture also can't be the 100% correct comparison. However
  13. As a Korean, I agree to these words 100%. Non-dermatologist doctors are also allowed to do the treatments. I am one of the victims. My life has been completely ruined since I got treatments from a non-dermatologist doctor I'd rather call a swindler. And doctors in this country usually offer exactly same program to all patient, not considering patient's individual scarring. In Korea, dermatology hospital includes "dermatology" in the name.(FYI, dermatology = 피부과) So the dermatology hosp
  14. Your scars are not severe. Before getting any treatments, I just want you to know it. You don't need to feel depressed. I have similar type of scars but mines are much deeper and broader. And my scars are everywhere on my face. I got 4 treatments of erbium:yag, fraxel repair. But they worsened my scars so badly. They merged neighbor scars which made my scars bigger like coin size. I am also looking for correct treatments. As I have researched so far, this kinda scarring would require subcision
  15. I have similar scars on my whole face. But mines are a bit more deep, broad and severe. The problem is my scars are well-visible in every possible angles. xD I always try to keep some distance from people, hope they don't come physically close to me. I want to avoid the situation someone looks at me from the bottom for goods. So, I can understand 100% what you are feeling. I want you to know you are not alone. Since your scars are not that deep, I think your scars can be improved. I guess su