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  1. am fine thx. the ebook is bullsh1t. browse here you will find some topics abt it. in the ebook its says that you must fast for 3 days eatin only apples.you must also do enemas.thats it.it may help you acne but not cure it.as you know accutane can be dangerous.ask your derm abt it.if you liver is already under a lot of pressure i would not recommend accutane.you are also at a child bearing age.so b

  2. hello, how are you and how about your acne??

    Can you tell me plzz about accutane and it's side effects plz,

    and tell me, do you know something about the magical ebook ''acne free in 3days''?

    hope will hear from you soon,

    for now bye bye and take care

  3. Try to control your instincts speedy gonzales . even if you do a test now it will be negative. you have to wait about 1 month i think and then do a test.
  4. glad you got your smile back ;0

  5. good luck and keep us posted.

  6. yeah i know what you are talking about.i also broke a mirror ,(fortunately it was my mirror lol).i break thing because i feel frustrated about my crappy life.
  7. Thank you! And I do always try and update...I haven't forgotten about acne.org...:o)

  8. congrats and thx for updating

  9. You can make your own Zinc Talley test solution by mixing 2 grams of zinc sulfate 2 litres of distilled water and follow instruction outlined below. Making 2 litres of solution may seem a bit excessive but it makes a much more accurate solution when using kitchen weigh scales. Of course if you have access to more precise tools than by all means make a small quantity equivalent to 0.1% zinc sulfate solution or # Have you lost much of your sense of taste and smell? # Do you have adult acne, ev
  10. just to make it clear......... its the overdosing of vitamin A which is causing the joints pain.
  11. dude take it seriously and ask your derm if its normal.
  12. its a minor surgery,nothing to worry about. to prevent scar follow willow`s advice.
  13. i think you must do some surgery to remove it.go see a derm.
  14. thats what i call awesome results. congrats. keep posting some post tane pics when you have time