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  1. I am basically clear after following dans regimen each night. what I do is i put on the AHA that he sells(yellowy stuff) then after about 15 mins I put on his BP. when i first started this I only used BP but now i use both to try and clear the marks. THe thing about this is I only do this at night and then I wash it off in the morning. I think I had moderate to severe acne and now I just have a moderate amount of red marks. Also, any advice on getting rid of red marks would be great. Basically
  2. I was told strictly to take them in the morning after I had breakfast. It feels kind of strange after I take them sometimes, but yeah. One thing I though was strange is that youre supposed to take minocycline at night before sleeping, but youre not supposed to take doxy at night because it will give you stomach problems.
  3. Alpha hydroxy acids like Glycolic acid are supposed to help fade marks, but i dont know of anything that can fade marks quickly. maybe sea salt. when i used it it seemed to fade marks. like, i made boiling water dissolved the salt into it and when it cooled to a warm water (so i didnt burn myelf) i just used a flannel to wet my back with it. There is also washing with head and shoulders but im once again not sure that this fades.
  4. Ive been going for 5 weeks on 100mg per day. two pills in the morning. Its as if i take two pills and thats that. She also put me on some topical retinoid but its kinda irritating. I wish i could just take the pills and wash my face and have a good day. Also, I had completley fine hangovers, nothing abnormal. Im not really a heavy drinker but they were just the next day sort of thing.
  5. I have some questions that have been bugging me for a while: -Does Doxy pretty much do nothing (noticeable) for the first month or a few? -If you drink alcohol, does this lengthen the period before it will start working? -Has it ever worked on someone who has had acne on their back? (moderate stuff). Anyone who has some sort of advice will be apprectated. Also, Im on .05% trentinoin cream called retina or something. It works okish. Only use it once at night. The doctor I saw didnt seem to hav
  6. i have been washing while im in the shower with it only in the mornings and it seems to be doing something very slowly. the cystic ones are slowly turning into marks. basically, if i dont look at my back, i wouldnt think i have bacne. it feels smooth and doesnt hurt. also, every now and again when i feel i need it i put on some moisturiser with a drop or 2 of jojob oil. does a good job. the other good thing is that my back has never looked like flaking. and ive been doing this for 2 weeks and th
  7. thanks for replying. it does help. im gonna start trying it and seeing what happens. also i think i might be putting bp too close to my eyes and that is why it feels kinda burning at that place.
  8. hey there folks. i was just wondering, how much more sun sensitive is your skin when using BP. ive been using it for ages now (im not keeping track) and it cas cleared me up 99% id say. one thing i have noticed for ages is that days i spend at home my face remains white r skin colour whatever you call it and days when i go out like uni etc. i get a red blush type of colour on my nose and under my eyes. is this mild sunburn cos my face feels kinda hot in those areas. but the thing is, today was a
  9. what i do now is i apply the h & s before i go into the shower, like right before(2 mins tops). then when i get into the shower i wash it straight off. When i get out the shower, i dry myself and then put moisturiser on where i put h & s. This is an awesome method and i reccomend you give it a go. im doing it for a few more weeks untill i have fully decided that it is good though.
  10. I started this head and shoulders treatment about 1.5 weeks ago. this treatment consisted of washing the affected areas with h & s and then once i got out of the shower and dried, i would apply more and just leave it on. just like i would apply benzoyl peroxide. This i thought was a massive mistake because i got a rash and i hurt like nothing ive ever felt. It was quite dry. My back now looked horrible. so i immediately stopped this method. Ive been moisturising my back every day since and t
  11. Thanks for that. Ill look into it. The link is good btw.
  12. i use moisturiser while using head and shoulders. The only reason is i started this method out by not washing it off and it made my back itch majorly. like, i couldnt sleep. now i wash it off and apply moisturiser after. only once a day though. ive only been doing this for 2 days now and my back still hurts but a bit less. I might stop this method and wait untill my back recovers from when i didnt wash it off and then begin doing it where you only wash it off and then apply moisturiser.
  13. Ive been on the regimen for 5 weeks now. it is working great, especially with the addition of jojoba oil. I was wondering, is it common to get a fairly red face at this stage. It wasnt so bad before(or maybe i just didnt notice), but ive noticed lots of red spots, like old marks. Would a toner help? Ive got one called Clean and clear toner. its a blue liquid. I also dont use any AHA for cleansing or anything like that. I cannot find it in any stores at all. I might order it over the net though.
  14. Do you exfoliate? cos i get white dryness along the edges of my nose when i dont exfoliate. Also, emu and jojoba oils are awesome for smoothing the skin. along with the exfoliating, you should be good.
  15. thanks for the comments. im trying the jojoba oil right now and it is brilliant. just after i had finished putting it on, I felt like i had normal skin again. so i didnt wash it off and i put bp over the top and after one day, it is working well as a moisturiser.but time will tell weather this is any good.