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  1. I use Dr. Dans. Tastes bad, like burnt wood, but it works great!
  2. I heard that Accutane actually stays in your body for a whole month before going off of, so it might not be a big thing after all.
  3. I think all that matters is you stay out of sunlight. I could be wrong though.
  4. Most people are done growing by the time they reach 18.
  5. I thought I heard that it was just best to wait until the Accutane treatment was over. I'm not 100% sure though.
  6. I'm pretty sure it's atleast a 4 month program so you should be fine? I've also heard of people getting clear in as little as a month and had to keep going.
  7. Make sure you are taking them with a meal and a full glass of water. They can really mess with your stomach if not.
  8. My derm. prescribed me with Differin .1 Gel and 100mg 2x a day monocycline. She told me that cutting dairy would be great, but i'm not sure if i can do that. the only meat i eat is chicken, im big on veggies and fruits, but i can't eat just veggies and fruits!! anyone else have their derm. tell them this but go against it with success?
  9. Odd, it seems as if all of my Rite-Aids and stuff have it
  10. I only know that name brands through my insurance are 20 and generics are 10.
  11. Sheeh that's expensive. Is that even with insurance?
  12. Hey guys- Just an update if you're wondering. I didn't get Accutane. I am still fairly happy thogh, my dermatologist was extremely nice and resourceful when I had any questions. I was prescribed Differin 0.1 and Mono something to work together. I asked her about Accutane and she said that she would love to put me on it if the Differin didn't work. She is fairly new, around 3 years in that office, and said that it is just recommended that I try a topical atleast first. She also said that I'm
  13. Doesn't that just suck though? You waste the time going on antibiotics, it gets worse, and you are put on accutane anyways. blah, i dont know if mine is severe enough but i dont want to be taking something for the rest of my life!