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  1. Update, everything is pretty much the same. No negative side effects. No weight gain. I’m not sure if I should keep taking it since I haven’t noticed a major difference???
  2. I’m not sure if anyone is still following this post but. I just completed month two. Haven’t gained any weight. Only side effects I’m starting to notice: peeing more than normal. I have not had any inflamed acne and the one or two that have developed are really small and go away fast. I think it’s starting to work
  3. Everything is pretty much the same. Upped dose to 50mgs a day. Dermatologist said no to accutane
  4. From what I understand low dose accutane means lower dosage for a longer period of time. You can find people on here that only took 20mgs of accutane a week. Some take 20mgs 3 days a week.
  5. Hi, just hang now there. I know acne can cause major emotional problems. I’ve been trying to figure out my skin for the last year and it’s frustrating. For me, I’ve finally realized less is more. I don’t wear a moisturizer in the day anymore and I only wear SPF if I don’t wear makeup that day. Anything else is too much for my skin and I get the tiny closed comedowns. (Maybe Folliculitis?) I use a serum at night and alternate a moisturizer. I can only exfoliate (chemical) once a week or I will
  6. Spironolactone is something you have to be on for an indefinite amount of time for it to work so I would rather just do the low dose accutane if it would get rid of the problem? My acne is actually quite mild but it’s persistence is driving me crazy and I don’t want the risk of scars. I’ve heard the dose of 50 for spironolactone is the most common but I wanted to try the lowest dose possible since my acne is mild. I’ve read a lot of dermatologists say 25 has worked for many peopl
  7. So far everything seems the same. Not better or worse.
  8. I’ve been on it for two weeks now. The only side effect has been dry facial skin.
  9. I think people should do whatever they choose to help with their acne. It effects everyone differently and not everyone will need the same treatment. Happiness and confidence is usually the end goal. I’m glad that changing your diet worked for you
  10. Not everyone has gained weight on spironolactone. One of my friends took it for quite a while and gained nothing. I’m hoping I will be one of those people too. From what I’ve researched, the majority do not. Thanks for your response. That’s too bad it had that effect on you My bad breakouts are only 3-5 pimples. Only 1/2 would be categorized as inflammatory
  11. I’ve been trying to figure this “hormone” imbalance for a year now. That’s why I’m thinking low dose accutane or just the spironolactone that I’m on now. Enough is enough. Diet didn’t effect my skin at all. That’s where I started first, then natural supplements. I have spent thousands on skin care. Nothing has worked. The only effect so far on spironolactone is dry skin. Like flaking off dry skin. It’s only been a week.
  12. My diet is pretty good and I’m in good shape. Workout and have watched what I eat my entire life. One of the things I’m scared about is gaining weight on spironolactone. That’s a huge no for me. Im not going to up my dosage due to the fact that my acne would classify as mild. I don’t have PCOS, all blood tests have come back “normal”. I’ve gone dairy free, acne stays the same. I breakout more during ovulation and when my period starts which is when testosterone is the highest? That’s why I figur
  13. Hi, I recently started taking 25mgs of spironolactone. My face is dry but other than that I haven’t noticed any side effects. Should I continue taking this pill or should I just try to get low dose accutane? My reasoning behind this is having to take spironolactone forever to keep clear skin?? My acne is mild but it causes depression and emotional problems for me. I’ve alwsys had 95% clear skin but started breaking out last year. I get a 2/3 cysts every 3-4 months.
  14. If it acne caused by products salicylic acid and benzoyl peroxide should help