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  1. I am a vegetarian, so anything besides meat. (Pastas, salads, fruits and veggies) I drank a lot of water, too.
  2. I just finished a 6 month accutane course 40mg 1 month and 80mg 5 months. I am very pleased with my results. My skin looks great still and no major breakouts after 3 months off the tane. BUT, the other day I only consumed a lot of dairy and breads and found yesterday a medium/small cyst on my cheek. It is absolutely painless and I have applied aloe vera and tea tree oil to help. Do you think this is a sign of a nearing complete relapse or is it just because of what went into my diet that day? Pl
  3. My thoughts on this are that if you have scars if bad scarring that doesn't mean you have BAD skin. If a girl had acne scarring but had good skin from taking care of it I wouldn't mind. I have scarring but I am not going to let my skin become unhealthy looking. I think you can have a great complexion and great skin with scars. Just take better care of it. So no I wouldn't mind, but bad scars with bad skin depends. Skin play a pretty big role in beauty. Take it from me, I live in Iceland. I am tr
  4. Well I dont think they can heal completely. But look at this guy after internal cleansing. I have high hopes. http://images.google.com/imgres?imgurl=htt...s%3Den%26sa%3DG drink Bragg's Raw Apple Cider Vinegar, try ACTIVE manuka honey, do colon cleansing, parasite cleanse, and liver flushes.
  5. I have scarring now and I know I will have to live with this forever but I am not going to get any procedures done or apply topicals. What I have lost in flesh on my cheeks I will make up for with great, healthy looking skin. I would say go holistic because the appearance of your skin will be much healthier. I am about to start liver flushing. Check that out too.
  6. Hey I have been drinking Green Tea for two days and I already have seen a difference. I have some scarring and what I started doing, just out of curiosity, was placing the tea bags on my face like other people have been doing and this really helps. It helps with redness and your overall comlexion. Gives it a more healthy look, just after one day for me. I then tried something even more different and that was breaking open the tea bag and placing the green tea leaves on my scarring and on my face
  7. I apply Olive Oil/Garlic on pizza after cooking. I steam green beans then cook them with lots of garlic. Adds so much flavor.
  8. Garlic is GREAT to cook with. I love cooking green beans with lots of garlic. Olive Oil and Garlic are also a good mix on bread, healthy pizza, etc.
  9. I chose the money. Choosing clear skin seemed selfish since you could do so much good in this world for others with $100,000,000.
  10. You can drink as much water as you want. I drink almost three liters a day. You can never have enough water. It is wonderful for you. In the past two weeks I have stopped applying Ziana and stopped taking Minocycline and my skin is already looking healthier then before and I have experienced no IB yet. How? I started eating carrots everyday, apples, spinach, three liters of water, applying honey for thirty minutes at night, and drinking 2tbsp of Organic Apple Cider Vinegar three times a day. It
  11. Well I am from the U.S. but I now live in Iceland. I must say, I am a lot happier here. Beautiful nature, beautiful langauge, beautiful culture, and beautiful people.