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  1. Hey Jes sry for the late reply (i dont go on this website that often), but yea i'm still working on replenishing my good bacteria by taking loads of probiotics (trying out milk kefir). i feel like this will take a long time because i've taken multple courses of antibiotics so im very depleted. i've been doing this for 2 months and have been really bloated in the beginning (the probiotics and antifungals are constantly fighting the candida) but i'm slightly seeing improvements now lol. If you ha
  2. jessica i used to have the same problem as you. I figured out that my rosacea was caused by taking too much antibiotics for my acne. Taking excessive antibiotics depletes the "good bacteria" allowing the bad yeast to take over. Once the yeast takes over so many types of problems occur. For me, I got rosacea, acne, and digestion problems. What you need to do first and foremost is to stop taking antibiotics. Forget seeing the dermatologist anymore. Screw those creams; you have an internal pro
  3. I took 15 capsules with my last meal and I still don't feel burning. I'm to scared to take more. But cmon wtf?
  4. I think im gonna try this out too. what brands do u guys use and recommend?
  5. Its normal for people to argue about different treatments As for me I'm going to wait for a month or two and check out the progress of everyone who has been taking this stuff. There are people here who are knocking on colostrum yet they haven't even tried it. Why even consider their opinions? Its been about 15 days and I'm seeing progress. Its slow but it is definitely there.
  6. i wanted to try this stuff at first but after seeing this I got pretty scared lol
  7. Hi Denise I'm just curious about how you son is doing right now. Is he still acne free? Is he incorporating more variety of food in his diet without the breakouts?
  8. Its been 4 days with the powder and I'm definitely seeing improvement. I usually get an inflamed pimple about once every other day. The pimples still come out, but they are significantly smaller and heal much much faster. I'm looking forward to the upcoming days. Oh and if it helps, I am taking a lot of this stuff (one scoop 4x a day. once before breakfast/lunch/dinner, and before bed. so thats about 12g all on an empty stomach. I throw the powder in my mouth, let it dissolve for a bit then cha
  9. I had MW2 for the xbox360. 1st prestige lvl 50 rocking a 2.53 kdr! I realized getting the 360 was a mistake (there are absolutely no 360 exclusive games I want to play), which is why I'll get the ps3 slim weeks from now
  10. what the heck is going on with this topic? Denise has been nice enough to give us her insight on a possible acne cure for all of us. Since this board focuses on colostrum, we should honor it and keep it that way. gmaria, stop flooding the board with your nonsense. If you want to whine about your "evidence", make your own topic about it and leave this board. Going back on track, I ordered the 21 oz symbiotics colostrum from vitacost. While I wait for its arrival, I started taking the capsule
  11. if you like the natural route why not take natural antibiotics? Raw crushed garlic is the best! It was also known as the Russian penicillin back in WW2
  12. Based on TC's post I'm almost certain that he/she heard about the book on the internet but didn't actually buy it and is trying to get the info from this website. Either that or TC can't read. I've never done it myself, but I heard you have to eat nothing but apples for 3 days, along with doing enemas or something like that.
  13. I held it in for 46 days!! Although abstaining helped its probably not my 100% cure
  14. ^ if thats the case why do they have those steamers at those facial clinics that blast your face with hot air before they remove all the gunk? I'm confused!!!!
  15. if u have a candida overgrowth then the fruits and bread are only making it worse. Did u rule out hormonal acne?